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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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JB Weird

Drabble: In The Tub

Title: In The Tub

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Ianto.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 340: Spiders at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack needs Ianto to rescue him again.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

“Ianto?” Jack’s plaintive voice drifted from the bathroom.

Ianto sighed, putting his book down. “What? I thought you were having a bath.”

“I was, but… There’s a big spider in the bathtub.”

Rolling his eyes, Ianto hauled himself to his feet; he’d had a hard day and just wanted to relax. Honestly, Jack could be such a baby about spiders; it was probably tiny. Grabbing an empty milk container, he went into the bathroom.

“Oh.” He stared at the spider, then at the container he held. It would never fit. “I need something bigger.”

Jack nodded. “I’ll get the Tupperware.”

The End


well at least this time Jack was right! hahahaha
For once he didn't exaggerate, he might even have underplayed the sheer size of the monster!

Thank you!
That big a spider! I'd have been scared of it, too!

Poor Jack. LOL!
I've been there - it was in the kitchen sink, it had a legspan of around 4 inches, and I had to catch it in a coffee jar because that was the only thing with a lid that was big enough.

Thank you.
LOL if that was my hubby hed be screaming and running out of the bathroom.

great drabble.
Jack didn't dare take his eyes off it in case it disappeared. The only thing worse than having a huge spider right in front of you is knowing it was there a moment ago, but you have no idea where it is now...

Thank you"
Yikes!! I'd be freaked out too!
Jack would've been freaked out if it had been an itty bitty spider. One that big would be EEEK!

Thank you!

*shudders* we kill them with shoes. Except for the daddy long legs, they get to stay, although they are slowly taking over our house! Perhaps there's an argument for controlled culling...

I don't get the capturing thing, what do you do with it afterwards? It's not getting released back into the wilderness unless the wilderness is a good three miles away! ;)

I can't kill spiders unless they're injured. Big ones creep me out, but killing them seems unfair, they do a lot of good. I put them out in the garden, let them take their chances out among the birds and the hunting newts. Our garden is a wilderness anyway, full of spiders. A few more doesn't make much different. The daddy long legses get evicted too, though I catch them by hand.

Thank you.
At least this time Jack is not being a drama queen. I wonder what would happen if he comes across one of those big roaches. Blurgh.
Fewer legs, he'd probably just use his shoe to squash it, lol!

It's a toss up between whether he's more afraid of the spider or of disturbing Ianto...

Thank you!

Yuck! In that situation, I drop my cat Mirren into the bath. Whatever the size, she disposes of them. Maybe Nosey could find a new career.
Nosy is vegetarian and even more terrified of spiders than Jack is, it would be no help at all *grins*

I have to deal with spiders by myself =(

Thank you!
How big is this spider????
Based on my own experience, leg-span around 4 inches. Biggest I'd ever seen in the house *shudders*
Weevils, Hoix, even Daleks - no problem. Spiders? No way!
Lucky for Jack it was Ianto to the rescue :-)
Ianto has no fear. Of spiders, lol!

Thank you!