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Fic Of The Week - Week Thirty Three

Hi, all! Slight change of plans for this week. I had a fic chosen, then I spotted one I wanted to read over on twstoryfinder and decided to have that as my fic choice this week instead, so apologies to anyone who saw it over there and read it. On the bright side, I'm reccing the LJ version, which has a short epilogue that the version doesn't seem to have =D

The fic is Recruitment Policy (10 chapters and an epilogue) by palmface (that's whingymcgregor on It's a post-Exit Wounds fic posted on LJ in late August 2008. It's only rated T so don't expect smut this week - sorry! I've read some of the author's other stories and really enjoyed them, so I expect this one to be a great read too, regardless of the smutlessness!

Summary: Torchwood try to move on after the events of Exit Wounds, but will they live long enough to pick new recruits?

This is what I'd hope we'd see in season 3, Torchwood picking up the pieces after the tragedy of Exit Wounds, recruiting new team members so they can continue to protect Cardiff from everything that falls through the rift. Alas, that's not what we got. At least we get to read about it!

Chapter 1 is here on LJ: (chapters are linked)
Or if you prefer, you can read everything except the epilogue on here:

There is also a short fic detailing the bar fight Owen and Ianto get into....
Here on LJ:
Or on

From where the author placed the link, this seems to fit after Chapter 2.

Just the one fic this week - I'm still juggling a rabbit! Misty goes to the vet again tomorrow morning, but does seem to be much better now. He's still not quite eating normally, but hopefully that's down to the antibiotics. He's his old, bouncy self again, which is a huge relief!

Okay, that's all for now! Happy reading, everybody.

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