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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Weevil Welfare

Title: Weevil Welfare

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Team Torchwood, Random Weevils.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 348: Weevil at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Torchwood, providing free Weevil care since 2000.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

One of Torchwood’s ongoing projects was to tag as many Weevils as they could to track and identify them. Whenever time could be spared, they’d round up a bunch, check their health, catalogue them, inject trackers and return them to the sewers.

Weevils were unpredictable; the team could never be sure whether they would attack or try to escape when they were approached, but this was new.

Coming across a group of three adults, instead of attacking, the Weevils had approached, two of them helping the third, which was injured.

Maybe their project was having a positive effect after all.

The End


I love it!!
Thank you!

Torchwood are the Weevil Police and Weevil health service rolled into one. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.
Very true. And I'm very glad it's not me.
Yeah, it's not a job I'd want to volunteer for!
Yeah...we can just...stay in the office and like...organize the library of alien books or something. write reports. do boring, regular-old-detective stuff.

and drink coffee.

Organising books - that's something I'm good at! (Ex-library assistant).
I'm not super good at organising in general, but books, books I'm good at. I've never properly worked in a library, though. My stepmother does! She's actually a primary school librarian, and I've gone in with her a couple times, since I'm going to (eventually, God willing) be a schoolteacher.
Good luck with your ambition, what subject are you hoping to teach?

I helped out in the school library during breaks and lunchtime, my last two years in grammar school, worked unpaid on Saturdays in the local children's library and applied to every library in the area when I left school at 16, ended up working in the university's science library until health problems forced me to give up work. It was a great job.
Either early education or elementary education. I've recently done field work with pre-k and second grades (and! with a foreign language teacher! who taught spanish & french! to all the lower school! it! was! so! much! fun!) and loved those, but I don't really know yet. Years of field work to come, though!! Once I actually get back to Goucher, that is :| (I left 3/4 through my first semester on medical leave because of my eating disorder/depression, but I'm getting closer to managing things well enough to go back.)
That's great! Overcoming things like that is tough; I'm still battling my own demons, caused by the doctors getting me addicted to tranquillizers twice because they decided my stomach problems were all in my head. Now I have a bunch of mental health problems that I didn't have before and I still have have the same physical problems. Good to hear you're making good progress! *hugs*
Working on it!! Still pushing through. Ten seconds at a time. (Kimmy Schmidt reference, the amazing MC has this 'theory' that anyone can withstand just about anything for ten seconds, so you go ten seconds, then start again, etc, it's pretty brill)

That's...considerably not nice of them. I was told that with basically all of my pains for a while - which is kind of ironic, because they were related to mental health issues. Nausea as part of severe anxiety and the disordered and not all that metaphorical tbh voice in my head that told me I shouldn't be eating, headaches bc stress, so on. Those problems are somewhat lessened now. A couple months ago I even started learning what hunger actually feels like! Which in retrospect seems like such a weird thing not to know but yeah.

Been there too, the tranquillizers depressed my appetite so much I stopped eating. Took a long time to get straightened out, but I still have so many food intolerances that I don't often get to enjoy what I eat. But I get hungry sometimes, so that's a plus!

*hugs* You'll get there, 10 seconds at a time can get you through anything.
They were like - excuse us, could you help our friend? LOVE IT!!
Exactly! Who else could they turn to?

Thank you!

There's so much we don't yet know about them.

I guess it means we can make up our own backstories for them though, so it's not all bad!

Thank you!
It seem Torchwood has had a definite positive effect on the Weevils.

great drabble
Now they just need to teach them that attacking humans is BAD!

Thank you!
Another thing to take care about by TW 3team, but I think they would be happy to help!
Torchwood (at lest Jack's version) is dedicated to the welfare of stranded aliens as well as to protecting people. a good relationship with the Weevils will help to keep the peace between the two species.

Thank you!
Weevils need friends too!

Thank you!
Thank you!
I always thought Weevils were smarter than they were given credit for.
They're getting the idea that Torchwood can be their friends.

Thank you!