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Fic Of The Week - Week Thirty Six

Monday again! I think I've posted more in the last week or so than I ever have, including three fics! Can't quite believe it.

I'm going to miss the Torchwood Four team from last week's fic, they were good characters.

Right, this week I have two little six-part fics for you. The first is This Old Thing by kneadyrn from June 2008. Be advised - this fic has no header, rating or summary, so I have no idea what to expect, but the opening paragraphs seen to indicate it will be Jack/Ianto. Whether it will get smutty or not I can't say - though I can hope ;)

Anyway, first part is here: and chapters are linked.

Fic number two for this week is christine_twfan 's Pavolv's Cards, posted January 2009. This one is rated Adult and the pairings are Jack/Ianto and Gwen/Rhys. It's set post-Exit Wounds, so no Tosh or Owen.

Summary: Ianto discovers a strange package on his desk. Short but sweet summary, that! It can be hard sometimes to write a summary that doesn't give away the plot.

Part 1 is here: and again, chapters are linked.

That's all for this week, folk! Hopefully it will leave me enough time to do some writing on the next Nosy-Verse fic. So, until next week, happy reading!

PS: For those of you subscribing to my recs lists, I hope to be sending a new one out sometime this week, time permitting! Anyone who isn't on the list but would like to be, just comment below to be added, including your email address, or PM me.

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