badly_knitted (badly_knitted) wrote,

Answer for question 4476.

Name your top three musical artists of all time (individuals or bands). Why do you love them so much? What song would you pick from each of them that you feel is their best work?
Tough to pick just three.

Um okay

Guy Clark - Like Coat From The Cold

Diamond Rio - Completely

Waylon Jennings - Billy

There are at least another dozen artists and songs that are my absolute favourites and that I listen to over and over again, songs I will never tire of because they resonate with me. I could have picked so many of Ol' Waylon's songs and every one of them could be considered his best work, but I love the simplicity and poignancy of Billy. Guy Clark is such a poet, painting pictures with words, a genuine artist. Diamond Rio, just a superb band and the harmonies on Completely just melt me.

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