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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Drabble: Revenge, Fluff Style

Title: Revenge, Fluff Style

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Nosy, Ianto & Torchwood Team mentioned.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 358: Revenge at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Nosy has been woefully neglected, so it takes revenge on the team.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Nosy was peeved. The day had been very hot, and while it knew the team had been busy, there were some tasks that should never be overlooked. If Ianto had been there, this would never have happened, but he was in London, visiting the Queen.

‘Should’ve gone with him instead of staying here and being neglected,’ it thought to itself.

Seven people were working around the Hub and none of them had thought to refill Nosy’s water bowl.

Time for revenge.

As Rhys delivered cold drinks to everyone, Nosy followed, draining every glass dry. See how they liked being thirsty!

The End


Good for Nosy - Fluffs should NEVER be neglected!
Yep! That'll teach 'em! Pay attention to the needs of your Fluff, guys!
The needs of the Fluff outweigh the needs of the many, and I can certainly understand Nosy's need for revenge. And yes, Ianto would never have forgotten to refill its water. I do hope Nosy finds a way to let Ianto know when he gets back!
Nosy can spell out its grievances with its wooden blocks. The team won't get away with their negligence ;)

Thank you!

Good on Nosy.

Only problem now is that I've got that rhyme stuck in my head, only it's going, Ianto Jones, Ianto Jones, where have you been? I've been to London to visit the Queen!

ROFL! Sorry about that.

Nosy gets what it needs somehow or other. if they don't give it a drink it'll just take theirs.

Thank you!
OOH hell hath no fury like fluff scorned and thirsty.

great drabble.
Yep! Nosy is not to be trifled with. It enjoyed their drinks though!

Thank you!
Lizzie loves Ianto's visits, he always brings a flask of coffee and tells her the things that don't make it into the official reports.

Nosy will not stand for being neglected, lol!

Thank you!
I'm sure the Queen would have greatly enjoyed meeting Nosy !!
I'm sure she would have. Perhaps another time!

Thank you!
Well done Nosy! high five!!!!
Nosy doesn't have a five - just a one, the end of its tail ;)

Thank you!