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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: Annual Event

Title: Annual Event

Author: badly_knitted

Characters/Pairing: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For Challenge: 252 – Harvest at tw100

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Summary: The annual Harvest Festival is always the same – more or less.




The harvest festival was in an uproar when Torchwood arrived. Fruit and vegetables bouncing between pews like rubber balls, tins rolling down the aisle, loaves of bread stacking themselves like building blocks.


The entire congregation was sprawled haphazardly about, laughing their heads off, and the vicar had a black eye from being hit in the face by a wayward bunch of celery.


The cause of the chaos sat blinking innocently beside the font.


Harmless. A Rigolian party favour.


Ianto switched it off; everything stopped moving except the giggling congregation.


“Chemical spill causes hallucinations?”




“They believe it every year.”



The End


Now that's a festival I'd enjoy!!
The entire congregation's enjoying it, lol!

Thank you!
LOL! And TW lets them keep it? Or do they keep finding more?

We could use some of those "party favors" around here. The last few street festivals I've been to have been pretty staid.
I think this particular festival is just perenially unlucky - or lucky, depending on your point of view - and something similar pops through the rift every year. For some reason, the festival is extremely popular, lol!

Maybe it's a permanent once-a-year link to the same place, I haven't quite decided, but everyone's happy to go along with the Chemical Spill explanation and it saves retconning everyone.

I'm sure your street festivals would be very merry indeed with a little help from a certain kind of party favour!

Thank you =D
*giggles* priceless. Can I get one of those and use it on some of my co-workers. Could liven things upmhere.

Great drabble
Thank you!

Would be great fun if you could buy one on ebay - soon have everyone having a good time =D

I seem to stuck on animated objects, don't I? It was the first thing that came to mind from the prompt and I had to work a bit to have it make sense in 100 words, but I got there. I have no idea if I'll manage a drabble every week, but it's quite fun.
OMG! this was a funny thing to read between boring classes!
Thank you! Glad it gave you a laugh! =D
Oh what a great festival.
Thank you! Yes, the congregation thoroughly enjoyed it - except possibly the vicar. Celery can pack quite a punch!
Wonderful, loved it!!!
Big hug, my dear friend!!!
*hugs back* Thank you, Ani! I'm quite enjoying these drabbles, it's a challenge writing something so short!

Glad you enjoyed it!
Or maybe someone got into the sacramental wine? *laughs*

EVERYONE would have had to get into the wine, lol! Including the vicar.

Torchwood is used to it by now - it's the most popular harvest festival in Cardiff.

Glad you enjoyed it. Drabbles are fun!
Would like to be part of that festival. Thanks for the laugh.
The congregation grows bigger every year, I think! Everyone wants to be there for Harvest Festival, lol!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!
Yay, you wrote another drabble :-)
The festival sounds like fun! Although the congregation can't be all that clever if they believe the same cover story every year!
I think they WANT to believe it. It gives them an acceptable excuse for what happens and they have a great time. They're perfectly happy to go along with whatever they're told and they'll bring their friends next year to join in the fun.

Two weeks in a row! Don't know if I'll manage EVERY week - I might not always get an idea - but we'll see what happens.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.
He does! That's why Jack lets him deal with cover-ups etc. He knows what he's doing =)

Thank you!
There is a Jimmy Buffett song in the making here. Love it!
♥ Buffett-love!

Hadn't even thought of that, but you're right!

Thank you!
Ha! Every time ...
Oh yes! Lucky, lucky congregation... It's the most popular harvest festival in Cardiff!

Thank you.
*snicker* I was actually picturing this.
Lol! Thank you. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this week's prompt - animated produce and a very merry congregation!
At least everyone was having a good time instead of getting freaked out. I feel kind of bad that they have to get Retconned! ;D
Well, that's the whole point of the 'Chemical Spill' explanation - no need for retcon. The congregation have so much fun each year, they are perfectly willing to accept any explanation they're given, then sit back and wait for the fun to start all over again next year, lol! Saves Ianto a lot of trouble!

Thank you =)
*chuckles* fabulous!
Thank you! I had animated things on the brain when I wrote this one, lol!