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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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If In Doubt

Drabble: Season Of Mists

Title: Season Of Mists

Author: badly_knitted

Characters/Pairing: Ianto, Jack

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 252 – Harvest at tw100

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Summary: The weather causes an unexpected problem.



Autumn. Harvest time. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


“They got the mist part right,” Ianto muttered, stumbling over another rut.


Here they were, at night, out in the middle of nowhere, retrieving alien tech from a field - already harvested, thank God. Suddenly down comes the mist and they can’t see past the ends of their noses. Bloody freezing, too. Finding the tech had proved easy. The SUV, on the other hand…


It had to be around here somewhere.


A loud thud and a muffled curse came from Jack.


“Found it! Ow. Think I broke by doze.”


Ianto winced.


The End


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Hehe. Love it.
Another drabble... There's no stopping you now is there! :-)
Thank you! It was a toss up between two ideas for tw100 and the other idea was clearer, so I wrote it, but then I thought I'd have a bash at this too and see where it went. Haven't posted it to the community though, do you think I should?
Owie! Poor Jack--that's gotta hurt. Another undignified accident thanks to Torchwood!
Yeah, though it was Jack's turn to lose his dignity - not that he has a lot to start with, lol! British weather is very unpredictable.

Thank you. Still wondering whether to post it to tw100 or not.
I'm sure Ianto will kiss it better. But still...ouch!
Yes, it makes my eyes water just thinking about it *winces in sympathy* Still, better Jack - who heals mercifully fast - than Ianto!

Thank you =)
Excellent! See drabbles are fun!
Thank you =)

Yes, they are. They're also quick which is a relief when the fic you're trying to write is taking its own sweet time to go anywhere. I feel like I'm writing the fic version of a very tired snail going uphill against the wind. It's creeping along desperately slowly!
lovely and seeing one of your drabbles each week makes me happy!

Poor Jack but surely Ianto will kiss it better many times ....
Thank you! And you got two to read this week =)

I'm sure he will too, once he's stopped the bleeding and put Jack's poor nose straight so it can heal properly. Maybe that will teach Jack to use caution, instead of striding through the dark and fog as if it was daylight! Still, at least he found the SUV.
giggle...Well, better his nose than other protuberances..
Good point! Also, better his nose than Ianto's, at least Jack's will heal fast!

Thank you, glad you liked it!
Yooooowwwwch! Poor Jack.
Yes, poor Jack! But on the bright side, he found the SUV!

Thank you =)
Aww poor Jack. I see him milking the injury for all its worth.
You know it! He'll be all "By poor doze is broke, Ianto, kiss id bedder" with a pitiful expression on his face (which Ianto can't see because of the fog, lol!)

Thank you =)
Loved it!!!
Big hug!!!
*Hugs back* So happy to hear that! Thank you =)
Autumn has its good points - occasionally - but heavy fogs coming out of nowhere in the countryside are not among them, lol!

Thank you =)
Poor Jack! At least he heals fast. ;)
He does, thankfully.

However, he is not happy with a broken nose so he demanded a sequel to fix it. Hopefully that will be up in a couple of days. It's very much Woobie!Jack - he's very good at being pathetic when circumstances call for it.

Thanks for reading!
Oh dear poor Jack. It was a bit like that here this morning.
We were fog-free this morning.

Yes, poor sad Jack and his nose, he's feeling very sorry for himself.

Thank you =)
Thank you!

I miss them too, maybe that's why I write about them so much, lol!
This is so perfect for the prompt and the season. I can totally sympathize with Ianto on thanking God for already harvested fields. Harvest is almost done here and some days I swear I'd strangle someone if I had to look at another potato.

I can't wait for the follow-up. Poor Jack is going to need some TLC, milking this for all it's worth all the while.
He heals fast, so he can't milk it for long, but he'll definitely be looking for sympathy. Jack can b e very pathetic when he tries, lol!
Oh, I love that Keats poem.
Ouch! How unfortunate, finding the SUV nose first.
Thank you.

Poor Jack - he wasn't careful the way Ianto is, so his poor nose met a very hard surface with quite a bit of force. He's feeling rather sorry for himself!

I hope to post the sequel later today.
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