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Real Life Drama *rolls eyes*

I've had one hell of a day!

Woke up early this morning (before 7am), checked the clock to see if it was time to get up and found I could barely see the numbers. Vision in my right eye was very blurred and my pupils were different sizes. Needless to say, I panicked a bit. The chimney sweep was due at 11am and I had no idea what was wrong with me, so I called the out of hours medical number. They told me to go to the hospital Accident and Emergency department to get checked out, so my neighbours drove me there, the wife stayed with me and the husband returned home to deal with the sweep if I he showed up while I wasn't there.

I was asked questions, my eyes were looked at, (pupils mostly back to normal) and blood pressure taken (that weas fine), then I was told I should go to my GP. So neighbour's husband picked us up from the hospital  and we stopped off at the surgery on the way home, they said to come back just before noon and they'd try to fit me in.

Went home, dealt with the chimney sweep, the neighbour took me to the doctor. (I'd called my boyfriend early on, only to discover that he was over 100 miles away at the coast, but said he'd come back because I was so worried and rather up the creek with everything. He caught up to me at the surgery).

Saw my regular doc, Dr. C, and he said I should have gone to eye casualty at the hospital where they could have checked my eye pressure. Why did no one tell me that while I was AT the hospital? Then he said I should see my optician to get my eye pressure checked. The hospital had told me it wasn't worth going to the optician because they'd just tell me to go to my doctor. So, I've been given the runaround, and the wrong advice by everyone except Dr. C. and now I have to go to the optician tomorrow. *headdesk*

My boyfriend did buy me some lovely flowers while he was doing the shopping though, so there's that.

Doc thinks I might have had an acute glaucoma attack (rise in eye pressure because the eye isn't draining properly). Just what I need. I'm already waiting to have blood tests to try to find out what's causing some other health issues, now this. I just can't win. Didn't get home to stay until after 1pm and now I have to go out again in the morning.

Sometimes life just sucks =(

Ah well, at least I know where to go if it happens again.
Tags: argh!, life sucks, real life

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