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Fic Of The Week - Week Thirty Nine

Welcome to Monday and our regularly scheduled Fic Of The Week post. What a miserable Monday it is here, hope it's better where you are!

Only one fic this week, but it's a biggie - maybe the biggest yet!

Parts Of The Process by asrai99 is one of the fandom's older fics, from way back in November 2007. There are 48 parts (yes, you read that right - 48 parts) spread over 17 posts. I just hope I can manage to read it in a week where I have to take Misty rabbit for his check-up and hopefully get some shopping done!

I think this one might cross over with Doctor Who, as there are possible spoilers for the end of the third season of DW, as well as all of Torchwood's first season, but the listed pairing is Jack/Ianto, which I always find reassuring ;)

Summary: And although Ianto goes hurtling through the universe, crossing time and space seems to teach him one thing in particular – that all roads lead to Rome.

Part 1 is here and all parts are linked. (I've learned a new trick for this week!)

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this one, and as always: Happy reading.

Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, reading

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