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Drabble: Another Big Step – Sequel to ‘A Big Step’

Title: Another Big Step – Sequel to ‘A Big Step’

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Meriel

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 364: Tear at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: With Meriel at school, her daddies are feeling a bit lost.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Leaving Meriel at school was a wrench, but she ran off quite happily, chatting to some of the shyer children, telling them they’d be fine. Ianto felt a surge of pride at that; Meriel had a bright, bubbly, outgoing personality, much like Jack.

Still, he and Jack made the short trek home in silence, lost in their own thoughts. It wasn’t until they closed their front door behind them that Jack launched himself into Ianto’s arms, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

“My baby’s all grown up!” he sniffed. “What do I do now?”

“Have another one?” Ianto suggested.

The End (For now)

Tags: drabble, fic, fic: g, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, other character/s, torchwood fic, tw100

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