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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Don't Call Me A Woobie

Drabble: For Lisa


Title: For Lisa

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Lisa

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 253 – Moving Mountains at tw100

Spoilers: Cyberwoman

Summary: Ianto plans ahead.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.



Ianto dragged Lisa from the wreckage of Torchwood One, planning what he needed to do:


Get them both out without being seen. Steal a conversion unit. Rig it to serve as life support. Acquire whatever drugs Lisa needed. Cardiff would be their best chance; he’d need a van to transport everything.


Find somewhere to hole up until he could get a job with Three and smuggle Lisa inside.


He’d have to locate a cybernetics specialist to remove the implants, make Lisa human again.


The list of tasks seemed insurmountable, but it was for Lisa, and for her, he’d move mountains.


The End



Wow! You're fast, I just posted this a minute ago!

Thank you. Yeah, his loyalty is one of the reasons I love Ianto so much. Even faced with seemingly impossible tasks, he'll find a way if it's for someone he loves.

I've had the Lisa idea nagging at me for a couple of days and it's been through several re-writes. I didn't like what I wrote last night, so I scrapped it except for the last line. It's been a busy week, I haven't had time to write anything bigger than a drabble, lol!
:-( so sad.
Poor Ianto. He really would do anything for the one he loves.
Thank you.

Yes, he would, but being willing to do anything doesn't necessarily mean it will all work out well. All that planning and effort, and he still lost her. I think fighting to save Lisa was really all that kept Ianto going in the aftermath of Canary Wharf. It gave him a purpose, something to work towards, a reason to keep living, because Lisa was depending on him and he couldn't let her down.

I completely scrapped the first draft this morning, except for the last line which was what I'd started with in the first place. This is much better, though I still like my first drabble for this challenge better.
Most people wouldn't get past the first few steps of that plan before having a total mental breakdown. Got to admire Ianto's passion, fortitude, and his ability to plan under such horrendous circumstances! <3<3
Thank you.

In Ianto's case, I think he needed the challenge to prevent him having a breakdown. It gave him definite goals to work towards and didn't allow him to think of anything else. Lisa was all that was important to him, so he couldn't let her down, he could have his mental breakdown later, when he had time.
*hugs Ianto* that was such a rough time for him
It was. He put his heart and soul, and every bit of strength he had left, into rescuing Lisa and it all turned out to be for nothing. He never gave up though.

Thank you, this was a tough one to write.
Aww, Ianto... *hugs him tight*
Yeah, he had such an impossible task, but even though he succeeded with every step, it was ultimately a failure. Lisa couldn't be saved.

Thank you.
Ianto never gives up where someone he loves is involved.
Very true. He'll do whatever it takes.

Thank you.
I think the flow is a perfect fit with the subject matter of the fic. When you go through a list in your head, it has a certain subtle jerkiness to it because it's not whole sentences, but separate little items. It sounds just right to me.

Ianto was a list maker and a prioritizer. I agree with you that concentrating on exactly what would be required to save Lisa was what kept him from losing his mind. Every bit of equipment, medication, person to find and contact, every step taken in exactly the correct order necessary to ensure best possible chances for success. Those would be the things he focused on and nothing else would have mattered at that time.

I think it's perfect.
Thank you, I'm glad you think so. My first draft of this was even more in the list format, but it felt cold and emotionless, and that didn't fit because Ianto was far from lacking emotion, it was simply all directed towards Lisa and providing whatever she needed.
aww, that really was a massice undertaking he ddi to try to save lisa. we'd do anything for the ones we love
lovely drabble, i like the semi list feel to it
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

My first draft was more of a list than this one, but it felt cold and clinical, too detached. I think there's a bit more emotion in it now, I only kept the last line from the first draft. Even so, it was hard to get it down to 100 words.
that is sooooo Ianto, the man who would do anything for love!
Thank you.

Poor Ianto - he did everything on his list, but it still wasn't enough to save Lisa.
This is so very Ianto - always loyal to those he loves.
Thank you.

Although it didn't end well, he tried his best!
That was great!
Thank you! Drabbling is fun, but it's hard to keep to 100 words - I had to cut this one down quite a bit!
Yep. This.
Thank you. Ianto always seems to think ahead to what will need doing, then just gets on and does it.
SO true, you would do ANYTHING for the person you love.
Whatever it takes. Sadly, despite everything he did, Ianto couldn't save her, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Thank you.
Compelling and believable.
Thank you, glad you think so.