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Ianto Little Smile

August 2022



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Ianto Little Smile

Drabble: Surprising Jack

Title: Surprising Jack

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack.

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 367: Dress/Undress at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Ianto has a surprise for Jack. And maybe Jack can surprise Ianto in return.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Deciding to surprise his lover, Ianto had installed the new, much bigger bed in Jack’s bunker while Jack was away from the Hub. Now he was stretched out on it, completely naked, awaiting the other man’s return.

The cog door alarms sounded stridently and a few minutes later, Ianto heard Jack calling him.

“Ianto? Are you still here?”

I’m in your bunker.’

The quick text to his captain’s phone was all it took. Moments later, Jack slid down the ladder.


Jack’s eyes widened and a huge smile lit up his face.

Ianto had never seen anyone undress so fast!

The End


I guess Jack is very VERY motivated.* wink*
I'm sure you're right ;)

Thank you!
I think it's safe to say that Jack was very pleasantly surprised and Ianto was very gratified by his response ;)

Thank you!
What a lovely surprise for Jack. No wonder he loves Ianto so much.
Ianto was thinking of himself as much as he was thinking of Jack, but his surprise benefits them both.

Thank you!
Of course, who would pass that chance of having a naked Ianto on a big bed?!!!!!
I suspect that Jack didn't even notice the new bed until afterwards ;)

Thank you!
What a picture - lovely
It's a sight to gladden the heart ;)

Thank you!
I had such a visual on that one! :D Really cute!

Hey girl, I am soooooooooooooo sorry I have not written to you. Some sister I am to you. Life has been so amazingly hard since Michael died. Should write to you in private I know. Not sure where to write? I have been away from LJ though I pay up every year to keep my silly icons. I'm strange. You are my best friend here and I know there are others who wonder about me. Will try to do a post soon and update. I don't know if anyone will care or will just be surprised that I am still alive.

Thank you so much for the birthday card. You should not have done that, I am not a good friend lately. You said you weren't well and I know you lost your mom, gosh was it last year after I lost Michael? I have a very bad memory. I miss you and never forget you just been so busy trying to survive and take care of a 10 year old boy with a learning problem who misses his Daddy as I do. I don't know how I will ever love anyone else. He was my soulmate but being alone is the last thing I ever wanted in life.

How are you doing? Please write to me here or let me know another place more private if you want, email or Dreamwidth, I am still there too just haven't posted.

Love ya! Wish we did not live an ocean apart my British friend. :D...and I am so behind in reading your fanfic. Will never catch up. You write so well too.

Love and hugs,

PS. Forgot your timezone. Are you in East or West Midlands?...was looking up what time it is where you are. I am sending this around 5:35 pm. my time in the States.

Edited at 2015-11-03 10:46 pm (UTC)
*hugs* So good to hear from you, Deb! You're welcome for the card, I enjoyed making it. I've been trying to get back into crafting because I like making things. I made Halloween charms this year, just to try out something new.

I lost mum feb 20th this year, so a year and a day after you lost Michael. It's so strange. I'm battling on, back and forth to the doc, and the rest of the time keeping bust=y with writing as I don't have much energy. It's the only thing that takes me out of myself.

I'm adjusting to being alone. It gets lonely sometimes, but I couldn't live with ant=yon else, I need my space, peace and quiet so I can concentrate. Life goes on and I talk to mum all the time. I still feel she's with me in spirit if not in body. I'm sure Michael is with you too, watching over you and Alex.

I'm East Midlands. I can never remember te time differences, lol! It's just after 11pm here as I'm sending this!

Love and Hugs, J ♥
The card was really beautiful. I knew you must have made it. So pretty. Glad you have things you can do that make you happy. I am so terrible at crafting or being creative. I wish I had those genes. Ok you are around 5 hours ahead of me I think. Oh and how could I forget that?!...I remember now it was a year and the day after Michael died that you lost your Mom. Sorry about that, I seem to have trouble holding onto certain facts. I get caught up in whatever craziness is happening at the time. Like they are reviewing my disability for the first time and making me go see one of their doctors, the Social Security people. I know it is standard procedure but I am scared to death they will take away my check though I know working a job is just not possible right now, worse now that Michael is gone and raising Alex alone. Meds make me worse not better. Still on ativan and well this new woman has me on a special kind of fish oil that was proven to relieve depression in a bunch of people. I read about the studies on the net. So strange.

Yeah right after Michael died I talked to him most every day, I still do a lot, maybe not quite as much as the first year. I still feel like he is just gone on a trip and will come walking through the door and hug us and it will all have been a bad dream, but another part of me knows that won't happen. I still have times when I cry a lot asking God why he took him but there are no answers. I am unfortunately healthy except for the bipolar stuff and well on meds now that keep those awful hives away. She still hasn't reduced them, maybe in another 6 months we will try. I am scared though. Don't want to go through that swelling up and itching hives again. The other problem you remember, pain in the girl parts is down from a 10 to about a 3 but I still use a special cushion to sit on. Just bought a new one a few months ago, wore one out. lol! I think I sit too much. Maybe someday it will go away but thinking this pain may never leave. Nothing else they can do for me since they have no idea what causes it, just ideas. I have tried everything but surgery and no way doing that.

Anyway, glad you seem to be doing better, at least I hope you are. I know I get lonely too. It gets too quiet at night around here when Alex is asleep. I am a night owl still and need to change that.

love and hugs back,
Deb. <3

Oh shoot! Been so long since I posted I forgot how to make a heart like you did? How do you do that?

Wait I found it, ♥

Edited at 2015-11-04 02:07 am (UTC)
I'm glad your problems have ease a bit, but sorry there's still pain. Oh, I know, I'm dreading social; security deciding to review me again, it really wrecked me the last time because mum was in hospital at the time after her stroke and I was struggling to cope. Things are as bad now as then, just in different ways. My depression has improved but I've still got physical health issues that are being investigated off and on as we try to figure out the cause. Some of it might be all in my head.

I still wake up sometimes convinced that mum is still here. I had a very vivid dream a few months ago where I was downstairs and mi=um was in her chair and we were talking. Then I remembered she was gone and I woke up. But I think in as way it was real, mum making sure I know she's okay.

I have a brain like a sieve these days too. Half the time I can't remember what day it is without checking on my computer!

Love & Hugs ♥

Just got sent this by a friend and had to share it with you:

Edited at 2015-11-04 12:12 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I meant to check back yesterday. Alex had to have a tooth filled and we had to be up early and I think I forgot everything.

I love the cat video. So cute. I love kittes. I miss my Neo, I had to have him put to sleep last year in Sept. He was very sick, losing weight and he would not let me help him. He hated being fooled with. I had to put medicine in his ears. There was no cure for what he had. His immune system turned against him. Haven't gotten a new cat yet, well we have one but he is a pain. Need to get rid of him, long story.

I'm sorry you are going through the disability thing too. Man such a pain and right here at Christmas when I am already stressed out. I have no choice though if I want to keep getting my check. I just can't handle working right now. I'm sorry you are having health problems too. Seems like so many people I know are going through hard times. I hope you get better. Glad at least your depression is better. I have good and bad days sometimes part of the day is good then goes bad. I never know how I am going to feel from moment to moment it seems. And the grief over Michael can just hit me so hard sometimes when I least expect it. I know I had one dream about Michael too but he didn't say anything was just smiling at me through a window like he was telling me he was ok and we would be ok. And then a few nights ago I had an experience that no one would believe. I thought he was holding me while I was going to sleep and I talked to him for about 20 minutes. I never actually saw him or felt a real touch, but when I started crying it seemed like he was holding me tighter. Sounds nuts I know but, I feel like it really happened and then I think maybe I am crazy.

Up too late again, talk to you later,

love Deb. :)

Edited at 2015-11-06 07:12 am (UTC)
I believe you, I know the people we love who have passed on are there for us when we need them. Michael knew you needed his comfort. He's your guardian angel now and he'll always be there for you, even if you can't feel him.

o sorry to hear about Neo. I know how much you loved him, but sometimes we have to do what's best for our furry friends, like I did too when I had to have Misty put to sleep.

Glad you liked the cats. I laughed a lot!

Love and Hugs, J XX
Hey, just wanted to tell you I read this and thank for believing me about Michael. It seemed so real to me.

Yeah Neo was my little fat boy and I loved him so. Only cat to ever "pick me" as his favorite. M said "He's not fat, he's a "short round"...lol! Michael was so cute about it. I didn't want to put Neo to sleep. He was so sick all the time and finally started losing weight. Not fat anymore. I couldn't let him suffer anymore. I still haven't got another cat. We have one but I don't like him, he is mean and I think we messed up getting him. Never had a cat I didn't like or love until this last one. M picked him out before he died so that is why we still have him. M said he relised he might have made a mistake with him, Turbo. I take care of him but he may have to go back. Even Alex says we should take him back and get a couple of sweet kittens to grow up together the way Neo and Petey did. They were good cats too. We didn't adopt them, they were strays and better cats than Turbo from the shelter.

Sorry so late getting back to you. Life is a struggle and sometimes I forget or don't have the strength to write on here. I really do mean to do a new post to everyone. So much to say, will anyone remember me but you? lol!

Hope you are doing well. Looks like you have been writing a lot. Don't know how you do it. One day I want to check out your stuff again. I know you enjoy it.

love ya!

Edited at 2015-11-14 03:21 am (UTC)
It's so hard to lose loved pets, I know that only too well.

If Turbo is unmanageable he'll have to go back. We adopted two cats once but it didn't work out and they had to be returned. Sometimes they're just not a good fit. You'll find the right ones, I'm sure.

Writing is all that keeps me going these days, it gives me something positive to focus on because I'm alone, I don't have anyone to look after now. In a way, that's better for me because I only have myself to look after, but I miss just knowing someone else is there. As long as I have ideas, I'll keep writing. =)

Love you! *big hugs* J xx
Awwww it was cute. I wouldn't say sweet considering that he's also very interested in having a bigger bed in Jack's bunker LOL

Bet that Jack was VERY motivated
Oh, he was! Funny how he didn't notice the bigger bed until afterwards... ;)

Thank you!

here is finally a bed of sufficient size. It will be much more comfortable !!
It was time that Ianto to take the initiative !!
The gift is beautiful; Well, Jack first saw "packaging" if I may say;-)
But I'm sure that after he feels the new comfort. Especially if Ianto away from him in that big bed! it may enjoy less.
I'm sure they'll both enjoy the benefits of extra space for their activities, but I think Jack will still snuggle when they sleep.

Thank you!