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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Lady Of Bad Luck



Title: Lady Of Bad Luck

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Team

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 254 – Lady Luck at tw100

Spoilers/Warnings: None

Summary: The team collect another Rift victim.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.



A turbulent Rift storm had dropped yet another problem in Torchwood’s laps – a small and battered blue alien had been dumped unceremoniously in a field outside Cardiff.


“My name is…” It made an unpronounceable sound. “I believe the literal translation in your language would be ‘fortunate female’.”


“Fortunate?” The team stared at the mangled remains of the small being’s spacecraft.


She sighed heavily, “I suspect my progenitors were being ironic when they named me so. Fortune tends not to favour me.”


“At least you survived the crash,” said Gwen brightly.


“But now I am stuck here with no way home.”


The End


Oh, poor thing!!! But she will have a home with the team.
Loved it!!!
Yes she will, for a while. Hopefully she'll get a ride home with the Doctor before too long. She does have very bad luck though. I might write more with her.

Thank you *hugs*
:-( poor thing!
Sequel? Please?
I need to know they find a way to send her home or she lives happily ever after with the team and nosy and velvet.
I am planning to write more with her - she has spectacularly bad luck, things just happen to her. I hope to send her home by TARDIS eventually.

Thank you.
Another one for the Torchwood menagerie. Poor creature.
A sentient being this time though, poor Miss Fortune.

Things will improve for her and she will eventually return home, once I've explored her bad luck a bit more.

Thank you.
oh, poor dear. i know a few people with rather ironic names too, always feel for them

any chance of a sequel of gwen taking her home in a detectives coat and rhys coining her lady luck?
There will be a sequel of some sort - Miss Fortune has definite potential and I have a few ideas. I don't think she'll be going home with Gwen though - very small bright blue people are rather noticeable and draw unwanted attention, and no, she isn't a smurf, in case you were wondering, lol! I might have Rhys come to the Hub, we'll see. I'm letting ideas brew in my brain until they're ready to set down on computer.

Thank you =)
awww poor little blue thing! Names are quite sarcastic sometimes but as ALexander the Great said "Fortune favours the bold" so maybe TW can help her to be that while waits for a way to go home!
Thank you. Yes, I'm hoping things will start looking up for Miss Fortune now she is at Torchwood waiting for a ride home. Perhaps she will learn to see the good side of her apparent bad luck and realise that she really is very lucky. She has a bit of an inferiority complex because it seems that bad luck follows her everywhere. I'm going to write a sequel where she sees that she is not nearly as unlucky as she thought.
Poor alien. Gwen did try to look on the bright side, but there's not really one when you're pretty much trapped on an alien world. Hopefully though she'll get home eventually?
Yes, she will get home. I'm going to write a sequel anyway, because I rather like her. She just needs to learn to see the glass half full, she's a lot luckier than she thinks.
But she did end up with TW, which is pretty fortunate.
She did, and will hopefully learn that she is far luckier than she believes herslf to be. She has developed a bit of a complex about her name, not realising that she was named well as she comes out of devastating situations almost unscathed. I'm trying to write a sequel, NOT drabble length, as I rather like her.

Thanks for reading =)
Oh dear! I suspect Torchwood must get a lot of these cases where there is no easy solution... they just don't make for dramatic television so we don't see them.

Sometimes fortune is all in how you look it, but I agree, being stranded on an alien planet is not very fortunate. At least she didn't arrive during the Victorian era where she would have have been locked up and then shot?

I hope things improve for the little blue Miss.
Ianto is calling her Miss Fortune.

The Torchwood team are going to give her a lesson in perspective - when she leaves to go home (which she will) it will be with a whole new outlook as she comes to realise how lucky she really is! I've started to write that story, but now I seem to have several on the go and I still haven't started the next Nosy-Verse fic *brain boggles*

Thank you =)
So many fic ideas, so little time! It's a good problem to have. :)
It is really, but it's annoying at the same time, not knowing which to concentrate on and try to finish first. And then I had a cracky idea today...

Hopefully I'll concentrate on Miss Fortune at the weekend, then the handbag snippet with Rhys, then I have several to choose from. At the moment I'm trying for my second drabble of the week. I have some notes made, just got to whip it into shape, maybe tomorrow. I'm getting behind on my cross-posting!
Oh I am sure the team will look after her.

grat darabble.
Thank you, and yes, they will. I'm working on a sequel...
I guess luck is unkind to this poor blue lady.
That's the way she sees it, but if she looks at it the right way she may see that she really is very lucky - it's all a matter of perspective.

Thank you.
Poor lady Bad luck. But she meets Ianto and Jack, so, it's a luck.
Yes, she's sad but things are getting better. I'm busy writing a sequel to this - I think there will be three chapters. Miss Fortune is learning that she really is very lucky after all.

Thank you =)