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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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If In Doubt

Drabble: Cheater


Title: Cheater

Author: badly_knitted

Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 254 – Lady Luck at tw100

Spoilers/Warnings:  None

Summary: The boys are playing naked hide and seek.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.




“Aha! Found you! I win!” Jack cries triumphantly, pouncing into Ianto’s hiding place and dragging him out. “Looks like Lady Luck is on my side tonight!”


“Luck has nothing to do with it,” Ianto grumbles, “You’re cheating again!” He gestures to the scanner in Jack’s hand. “You didn’t even search, just let that lead you straight to me. In fact technically, you didn’t find me, the scanner did, so you lose.”


Jack can’t believe what he’s hearing.


“However,” Ianto purrs seductively, “if you do exactly what I say, you might still get lucky tonight.”


Jack’s knees go weak. “Yes, Sir!”


The End



I love Ianto's quick mind!!!! and Jack always falls for it!!!

well done, J!!!!
Thank you! *hugs*

Ianto couldn't let Jack get away with such cheating, but he wasn't going to spoil his own evening either. I'm sure they both had a lot of fun with Ianto giving the orders - they both ended up winning =)

Yay another drabble :-)
Loved it.
He does always cheat but neither of them ever lose ;-)
Thank you! I'm trying for two a week these days!

Very true, and I think Jack enjoyed himself even more with Ianto taking charge. Ianto may have been the one hiding, but he got Jack exactly where he wanted him in the end, lol!
He always cheats. And Rawr love when Ianto is in charge. Though i think he is always in charge.
I think you're right, but Ianto is mostly so subtle about being in charge that Jack doesn't notice, lol!

Thank you - Ianto in charge gives me the good kind
of goosebumps!
Loved it!!!
Both of them are very lucky to have each other.
Hugs, my dear J!!!
*hugs* Thank you, dear Ani!

They are very lucky, who else would not only put up with Jack's cheating but make the results even more fun for both of them?
That moment in Adrift was one of my favorites; somehow the way GDL delivered that line made Ianto sound about 12 years old. It was one of the few times he made us realize that the character was still so very young. (And he always struck me as someone who was quite capable of topping from the bottom.)
Thank you, and yes, I agree - most of the time Ianto seemed much older than his years, he seemed the most mature of all of them, so those rare glimpses when he acted more his age were to be treasured.

(I think Ianto is capable of topping from the middle as the filling of a sandwich too! Jack would do well not to underestimate him.)
*heehee* Ianto always finds a way to outwit Jack!
Thank you =)

Jack's not as clever as he thinks he is. Even when he wins he still loses - but wins anyway. There are no real losers at naked hide and seek; doesn't matter who finds who, they both get thoroughly shagged!
Ianto really needs to punish Jack for cheating. Of course, depending on the punishment Jack might actually have more fun than the actual game. *laughs*
The trouble with punishing Jack is that Ianto would probably feel he was punishing himself as well, so it's the other kind of punishment for Jack, the kind they'll both enjoy! I think they'll have a very good time ;)

Thank you =)
Hee hee, Ianto has Jack wrapped round his little finger.

great drabble.
He does indeed - all he needs to do is turn up the Welsh vowels a bit and Jack is putty in his hands!

Thank you =)
That's hysterical! I loved it! Good job! I could see the boys doing that. :D
Heeee! Thanks =D

It was fun to write, and a lot cheerier than my other drabble for the Lady Luck prompt.
Yum. Love it when Jack calls Ianto sir ;)
So do I! We all know who's really in charge ;)

Thank you.
loved it
Thank you =)
I do believe that both the boys might just get lucky tonight.
I'm sure they will - Ianto isn't about to spoil his own evening just to punish Jack for cheating, he has other, far more enjoyable ways of putting Jack in his place, lol!

Thank you!
Lol! Thank you =D
Thank you! =D
*gigglefits* That'll teach him to cheat. Or will it?
I suspect it'll teach him to cheat even more, lol! Ianto's 'punishments' always seem to wind up more like rewards to Jack!

Thank you!

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