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Beta help? Also, writers needed!

Is there anyone still around who'd be interested in betaing one of my fics for December Fest at torchwood_fest?

So far I'm working on two, they're due for posting by January 2nd so there's plenty of time still, and the fics aren't finished yet. Looks like both will be 2000+ words each, and there's always a chance that I might write more for the Fest, so I'd like to line up a beta or two in advance if I can.

Also, come on writers, there are festive prompts going begging for December Fest, so if you think you might have time to write something Christmassy, then get over there. It's very relaxed, you don't need to claim a prompt or sign up officially, just write for any prompt that catches your eye. Prompt post is here. Fills only need to be 500 words or over, that shouldn't be too hard to fit in!
Tags: help needed, hugs f-list, question, real life

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