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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: It Must Be Friday



Title: It Must Be Friday

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Owen, Tosh & Gwen

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 256 – Freaky Friday at tw100

Spoilers: None

Summary: Chaos reigns in the Hub.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: This was tough!




When Ianto went out to pick up supplies, all was quiet in the Hub. He returned an hour later to complete chaos.


Jack was sitting at Tosh’s workstation, tapping frantically at her computer while prodding a piece of alien tech. Owen was scowling at Gwen’s phone, muttering under his breath. Tosh was stomping around the autopsy bay, swearing and kicking things, and Gwen was jumping up and down, saying, “Look at me! I’m Gwen! Wow, these babies really bounce!”


Ianto looked at Gwen. “Jack?”


Gwen beamed at him. “Yep!”


Ianto closed his eyes and sighed heavily. It must be Friday!


The End


wow multiple body swap!!!!!! poor Ianto, I would go out again if I were him!

Lol! Thank you!

I had the worst trouble trying to work out who was in whose body, I kept ending up with two people in Gwen or Owen in two different people - I thought my head might explode trying to get everyone sorted!
And cue Ianto turning around and leaving. Very funny.
Thank you!

They got themselves into that mess, they can get themselves out again!

I just realised I put the girls in the guys' bodies and vice versa. It would have been so much easier for me to work out who was in whom if I'd just thought of that in the first place!
LOLOLOL!!! I love how everyone reverts to form, even while they're in other forms. Especially Jack. :D

I'm with the others. Ianto should get out while the getting's good. This is a mess he so doesn't want to clean up--and want if he gets switched too? It's not worth it!
Thank you! I tried to make it so you could tell who was in whose body, not so easy with only 100 words to play with.

Ianto, I think, just told Jack to call him when he was back in his own body, then went to the pub for a stiff drink before spending the evening at his sister's where at least the only people behaving childishly were children!
lol, it's always Ianto's job to clean up the mess.
Yeah, being general support means that everything ends up being his responsibility!

This time though, I think he might just walk out again and let them sort themselves out!

Thank you!
Gwen was jumping up and down, saying, “Look at me! I’m Gwen! Wow, these babies really bounce!”

Best line ever!

I laughed so hard after reading this I almost fell off my chair. Great job.
Thank you! That was my favourite bit, I could just see Jack doing that with Gwen's body, he's so juvenile at times. =P

Glad you didn't quite fall out of your chair.
NONONO! Not having Gwen's hands on my Ianto! Mine! Lol! There's a reason I kept Ianto out of the body swap, I didn't want any of the others using his body.

In my head, Ianto has already walked out and left them to it. They messed up, they can sort themselves out, Ianto's washed his hands of them. He told Jack, "Call me when you're back in your own body."

Tosh will figure it out and fix things though. Then everyone can have their own body back.
I love how everyone is acting just like normal despite being in the wrong bodies. Apart from Jack who as their leader should be the sensible one. But he can be so immature at times! And I love how ianto knew instantly that it was Jack in Gwen's body!
Well really, who else would act like that? Ianto knows Jack so well!

Body swap fic is hard! I'm glad this only hsd to be 100 words, because I just know I would have got confused about who was in whose body. I tried to make it obvious by their actions, because of the limited word count. Jack's behaviour was what sparked this one though, it was just impossible to resist!

Thank you!
LOL! That is hilarious!

I can see Jack doing just this: getting swapped into Gwen, and then being amazed at how bouncy her breasts are.

Poor Ianto...
Jack really can be terribly juvenile - it's why Ianto knew instantly which one was Jack, lol!

I didn't like the prompt at first - there have been so many Torchwood body-swap fics I was sure I wouldn't be able to come up with anything new. This probably isn't new, but the idea of how Jack would behave in Gwen's body hit me and it was just too much to resist. And amazingly, I managed a second one which I think might be a little bit different. I'll post that on Friday ;)
This Friday is very Freaky! I love it!.
Thank you! I really didn't think I could come up with anything, but then I got that image of Jack in Gwen's body...

It was hard to sort out who was in which body though, I kept confusing myself and ending up with two people in Gwen's body and Owen in two different bodies, I thought I'd never work it out. Switching four people around is harder than you'd think, I'm just glad I decided to have Ianto out of the way when it happened!
I hope you're better now.
Loved it, it was so funny!!!
Take care!!!
Thank you *hugs* Glad you liked it.

Still feeling rough =(
Run now, Ianto, just run! Oh poor Ianto...
He's outta there!

Thank you. Ianto has sense, he can think of much better places to be while the others sort themselves out, so he'll just leave them to it. Maybe he'll go and sample some new coffee blends or treat himself to a new suit - at Jack's exspense. He deserves it for the mental trauma Jack just inflicted on him.
Yep that would absolutely be Jack.
Lol! Thank you, it just seemed a typical reaction from Jack. Ianto is quietly desparing that an immortal can be so immature.
Only at Torchwood, ianto should know this.

Great work.
Oh, he does. He just hoped he could leave them alone for an hour without them causing total choas. Sadly, it seems to take them very little time.

Thank you ;)
Thank you *bows*

I really didn't think I could handle body swap fic, but I got there in the end!

really marvellous

you are really marvellous!!

I'm dead of Laugh

you have very successful: we know immediately who is who!
Jack in Gwen....LOL

Poor Ianto, he will have lot of work.

Re: really marvellous

Thank you! Glad it made you laugh!

I have a feeling Ianto will just walk straight back out again and leave them to sort themselves out! Tosh is already investigating what caused the problem, I'm sure she'll fix it.