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Ianto Little Smile

February 2023



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Drabble: A Weevilly Inconvenience


Title: A Weevilly Inconvenience

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Owen

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 256 – Freaky Friday at tw100

Spoilers: None

Summary: There’s a slight Weevil-related problem.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.




Owen skulked up from the vaults, shoulders hunched and arms hanging at his sides. He was walking oddly, almost shuffling with his knees bent. 


Ianto watched him curiously. Something wasn’t right.




Owen jerked around, snarled and backed away.


That was… odd.


“Jack? I think we have a problem.”


“What is it now?”


“You know Owen’s been running tests on Janet using that new piece of alien medical tech…”


“I vaguely recall something about that, yes.”


“I think he may have accidentally switched bodies with her.”


“Our medic’s a weevil?”


“Yeah, and I don’t think she’s very happy about it!”


The End




Well, of course Janet wouldn't be happy about it! Imagine going from that huge, powerful body to Owen's wiry but much-smaller one. It's got to be disconcerting.

The thing is, how does Owen feel about it? He's got this weird affinity for and understanding of them--it might be like coming home! At least for a little while.

Great way to set the scene. :)
Owen's point of view will be posted tomorrow - barring unforeseen circumstances - with the third of these on Saturday or Sunday. I went from hating the prompt to writing 4 drabbles! o.0

Thank you, glad you liked it! When I got the Owen/Janet idea it felt like Christmas - it's a body swap I hadn't seen before and there's so much fun to be had! I think I might have got a bit carried away! I've tried to make all three drabbles self-contained, so they each work on their own - hope I've succeeded! They were a blast to write =D
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's all.

Edited at 2012-10-18 03:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you =D
Yay love it!
You're on fire with drabbley goodness :-)
I was going to ask if I could write a sequel but I'll wait and see what you come up with instead! :-)
Thank you! It seemed to be a body swap no one else had done =)

I already have 2 more written, hopefully posting tomorrow and Sat/Sun.

What I haven't done is one from Janet's POV. Want to give that a try? I was thinking of doing one, but I've done 4 already for this prompt and now I have a migraine on top of everything else. I just don't feel like writing more at the moment.
Bwahahaha! I'm surprised that Ianto could tell the difference.
Ah well, Ianto is very keen-eyed and observant, it only took him five minutes or so to notice Owen was walking funny... Lol!

Thank you, I've really had fun with this pasrticular body swap - I have 2 more to follow!
aha! so the snarling thingy was not only an Owen's thing!

looking forward to reading the others!
*sending a Ianto!Nurse to make you feel better* :)
Thank you *hugs* I could do with Ianto!Nurse =)

Owen, I think, has spent too much time around Weevils. They snarl, he snarls... It takes a keen eye to tell the difference, lol! Good thing Ianto noticed, I'm sure no one else would have paid any attention until 'Owen' bit them!
I mean really...who'd want to get stuck in Owen's body, of all places? Poor Janet, I feel so bad for her. LOL!
Yeah, poor Janet! She's not happy about it. Maybe that's why she went looking for Ianto, lol! He'll fix it!

Thank you =)
Hi Jean,

That was funny! I have been reading some of your drabbles. You write really well. There was one I really loved and I need to find it and comment on it.

Sorry I have not written in years! lol! Life is hard and I hate whining to you all the time.

Anyway, I'm alive and have some good news in a way. We think I have autoimmune hives from the antibody test the doctor got back. He sent us the results and a letter explaining it. That is why loads of antihistimines are only helping a little, but a steroid shot wipes the hives out for about a week. It is surpressing my over active immune system. Trying to get in to see a Rheumatologist, they are being a pain about it, I don't know why?! I may need imunosuppressing drugs, not sure, really can't wait to see the doctor. They better not make me suffer until Feb. They are booked up and steroids are very bad if used long term so I haven't been back to get another shot yet and I am breaking out even on all the antihistimines. They are not real bad out of control and I am not swelling up, but I am unconfortable alot, itching and sleeping is difficult because of it too.

I am on Navane for my Bipolar too. The doctor wrote in his report to us that he is quite sure it was not the drugs making me swell ad break out rather the hives and swelling were flairing up "while" I was on a drug/s. We bought all those meds and some worked and I stopped them because of this. Crazy! But I am relieved too. The only thing I can't take I guess would be Advil, aspirins, NSAIDS, I read they trigger hives. How funny that the medicine I thought was least likely to be a problem is the only one I can't take, more than likely.

More later, have to help Alex with his homework. Ignore my misspellings, no time to do a check.

love ya!
Deb. :)
*HUGS* Progress! Yay! Now they're figuring out what the problem is, things can start getting fixed and you can take some meds, what a relief that must be - although the hives are a pain (or an itch!)

Really hope you get to see the Rheumatologist soon though, it sucks that it's taking so long!

Glad you're liking the drabbles - got a couple more to post over the next couple of days, drabbling is fun and addictive!

*hugs tight* Good luck with everything, sis! ♥
Hopefully that will be up later today!

Thank you, it's a disturbing thought but it had to be written, lol! I feel sorry for Janet....
hee hee of poor Owen I dont think he would be too thrilled either. great work.
You're right, he isn't!

Thank you =)
poor Janet
For Owen, it does not change much;-)
Very true! Lol!

Poor Janet, Owen's body is so strange for her. Ianto will sort things out, I'm sure.

Thank you =)