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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Drabble: Boxing Day Cleanup – Part 4

Title: Boxing Day Cleanup – Part 4

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Tosh, Jack, Dizzy.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 376: Rubbish at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: The search for Dizzy is underway.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Part 3

“You really think Dizzy’s in one of those bags?” Tosh asked, wide-eyed.

“I don’t know, but we’ll have to look.” Ianto’s shoulders slumped. “I only just got this place tidied.”

“I’ll help,” Tosh assured him. “We’ll go through one bag at a time.”

“Thanks, Tosh.”

When they were halfway though, Jack appeared. “What’re you two doing?”

“Dizzy’s gone missing, we’re checking it didn’t get bagged up with the rubbish,” Tosh explained.

Jack grinned. “It didn’t.” He pointed at the tree.

There was Dizzy, dangling amid the tinsel, sound asleep, oblivious to the panic it had caused.

Ianto sighed. “Of course.”

The End


Thanks God for that! well, she is like my cat who sleeps under the xmas tree during the whole month!
You're lucky your cat doesn't sleep halfway UP the tree, lol!

Thank you!


I love Janto

Good they found Dizzy.
Before they made too much of a mess.

Dizzy ate to much and needed a place to sleep it off.

I am getting you're stories in my e-mail.
So I can keep reading, even if you can't answer.


Re: I love Janto

And you can come over here to comment, so it works out! My other readers don't seem to come this way!

Stuffed Flufflet! Hanging from the tree seemed like a good idea at the time. Who knows how the mind of a Flufflet works?

Thank you!


Re: I love Janto

I left comments there also.
May be they don't that you are here.
Or how to answer.

Dizzy is still s baby, It thinks differently.
At least Dizzy was out of the way.

Re: I love Janto

That's probably why Dizzy decided to nap in the tree. It figured it would be safe up there.

I used to have a link to my LJ on my ff.net profile, but even that's not allowed now. Sometimes I wonder if part of why ff.net don't allow links from other sites is because they don't want people going elsewhere.


Re: I love Janto

Dizzy was right.
Even at a young age Dizzy is smart

I was wondering where it went.
I don't know, if FF keeps breaking down people will leave.

Writers need the comments and the feed back.
I hope that they fix it soon.

Aw! Cutest ornament on the tree. Hope they took lots of pictures.

It looked a lot like a bit of tinsel, lol!

I'm sure Tosh took photos. Cute Flufflet being cute!

Thank you!
Oh dear, all that work for nothing.

great drabble.
Well, the couldn't take chances, lol!"

Thank you!
Just once, maybe Ianto should leave the mess and see how long it takes for someone else to do it. On the other hand he has too much pride. Or Tosh could scold them into clearing up their own mess. Glad dizzy was safe. Happy new year to Badly Knitted, all readers, the team and of course, Coat.
Happy New Year!

Everyone, including Coat, thanks you for your good wishes and sends hugs.

Ianto is just too OCD to leave a mess, he has to clean.

Dizzy found a good, out of the way place to nap, lol!

Thank you!
I won!!

I knew it was not possible: Ianto would have seen. But, luckily, Zorro / oops Jack arrived !!

For cons, I could not imagine finding the suspended tree as a fluffy garland. He found a spot on. I think he must have known that Ianto-raise and it was better to be free of unwanted waking during removal.
You did!

Dizzy likes to nap in strange places. It probably thought the tree would be a safe place because the tinsel looked like sleeping flufflets hanging there. Dizzy is strange, lol!

Thank you!