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Ianto Little Smile

September 2019



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It Happened One Day

Fic: Capturing The Beast

Title: Capturing The Beast
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG? Probably just G - Relentless fluff!
Spoilers: Small one for Exit Wounds. Set after Season 2
Summary: Jack & Ianto go hunting for a monster - with unexpected results.
Word Count: ~ 5229
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, Jack or Ianto, sadly. They belong to the BBC.
A/N: No idea what happened with this one. It was supposed to be a short snippet like the others, but it just kept growing!


Fic here...Collapse )



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D'awww! I wants a Fluffy :D
Nice story, I do love Fluffy, and the interaction between Jack adn Ianto and the way they go about it is really ncie and well written.
Yay! Thankyou, glad you like my alien and the Jack/Ianto interaction! This was supposed to be a short ficlet, but the alien took over my brain. I'm currently (or at least would be if I had time to write) writing the 4th in the series featuring a certain fluffy alien, now named Nosy. I thought the best I'd ever do was write a few ficlets, but now I seem to have my own 'verse - the Nosy-Verse. I don't have plot bunnies, just a fluffy alien continuously poking at me!

Pleased you enjoyed the story, thanks for reading and commenting! =D
Aw this was so cute and fluffy and funny and I am sat here with a big grin on my face at the imagry it brought.

In short Brilliant.

(Sorry I to am wondering what happens to Fluffy next and the teams reactions to it.)
So happy you liked it! To find out more, go here:
Getting To Nose You Part 1


then here: Getting To Nose You Part 2


and then here: How To Live With A Neurotic Alien


There will be more eventually, when RL finally gives me time to write. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy these =)

Thanks for reading and commenting =D
Heehee! Glad you like!

Torchwood are always having to deal with dangerous creatures, they HAVE to assume that anything that falls through the rift could be dangerous. I just got to thinking, what if they went out after a dangerous beast and found it actually wasn't dangerous at all? And so, with a little inspiration from a small cuddly toy I have, Nosy was born. After all, there must be nice things that fall through the rift too, right?

Thanks for reading and commenting =D
Love this story! So cute. I want a big fluffy snake - sounds like a great pet! Not sure what my cat would make of it though....
Lol! Your cat would probably try to groom it! The fur balls would be immense o_O

Thank you, I'm glad you like Nosy, I'm rather fond of it myself! It's still lurking in my brain waiting for me to get back to writing more fics - I'm afraid I'm currently stalled halfway through the fourth fic and can't seem to get going again. Hopefully I will eventually recharge my brain enough to get writing again, but there are too many things I need to do and not enough time to do it all. Such is life!

Thanks for taking the time to comment, it's much appreciated!
Yay! I have read this before, but it was a long time ago. I loved it then, and I love it now. And I can't wait for you to have it up on AO3, because then I can start to download them for my Kindle, yippee! Favouritest feature on there, I swear. I collect all my favourite stories - I bookmark them on AO3, and also download them, so I can read them on our trememdously and hideously long flights that we are always making when we move, lol! I don't (or try not to) move with books anymore - that's the prime benefit of a Kindle, and I'm hoping to convert both my kids to one for Christmas, and maybe even my hubs (not that I've seen him read in more than a year, lol).
Yay! Thought you were heading for bed, lol!

I've started putting my fics on AO3 - just the one-shots so far as they are the quickest to do. I've been copy and pasting the text, seems to work okay and will be the best way to deal with the Nosy-Verse fics that I had to split into two for LJ as I don't want them divided on AO3. Hopefully finish up tomorrow. I'll get it done as fast as you can so you can download!
Omfg, no wonder everyone wanted a sequel. I love Nosy!
And Nosy gains a new fan!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! You know, it was only supposed to be a short one-shot, but somehow the fluff took over my brain and turned it into a 'Verse! Lol!
After reading the recent installment I had to go back and start from the beginning, and I'm so glad I did. This was utterly delightful! I can see why Ianto and Jack are so besotted with this creature after a beginning like this. (Except for the part where they tried to capture it and it captured them instead--LOL.) Nosy is intelligent, friendly, loyal, curious AND cuddly--what's not to like!

I enjoyed how Ianto always seemed one step ahead of Jack during the investigation except for when Jack was literally walking ahead of him--and then he fell down a hole. Oh, Jack. :-p

Nosy's won itself another admirer, here. I look forward to finding out what's next. :)
=D Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed Nosy's debut!

Well, Nosy was woken up by being tripped over - it was just trying to defend itself, it's scary being stepped on!

To be fair to Jack, it's not like there was a hole there that he just wandered into, the ground literally caved in when he took a step and there was nothing he could do, so Ianto doesn't blame him for that.

I think that around Jack, Ianto has found it advantageous to think ahead, thereby managing to avoid most Jack-created problems by dealing with them before they happen! He always seemed to be ahead of everyone on the show - finding a way to call for help when they all got locked in the Hub while everyone else was still trying to figure out what happened for instance. He just bypasses the problem and goes straight to the solution, lol!
*giggles* This really made me smile! I love this 'verse already! :D
Yay! So glad you like Nosy! Welcome to the start of the Nosy-Verse, the little fic that just kept growing, lol! It was only meant to be as one-shot, but it sort of took off!

Thanks for reading =D
I saw your Nosey verse Christmas pic on my reading page recently and knew I had to check this verse out. Nosey is so adorable! Nice to have something cute and fluffy fall through the rift for a change.
Thank you - Nosy is happy to have a new fan!

This was only supposed to be a one-shot, but the whole idea kind of took over. I was tired of only hostile creatures coming through the rift, it didn't seem realistic since anything from any time or place can fall through, so Nosy was created - something harmless, fluffy and friendly for the team to keep as a pet. It's proved to be quite popular, lol!

I hope you'll enjoy the other fics in the series too.
Very cute and did I mention I like snakes and hehehe deffinetly named nosey for a good reason :) off to read more. I am liking this!
Nosy is happy to have a new fan!

This was the first Nosy fic I wrote. It was only meant to be a short one-shot, but it turned into a whole 'verse. I still don't know quite how that happened, lol!

Thank you!
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