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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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My Captain, Oh Captain

Drabble: No Good Choices


Title: No Good Choices

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 257 – Between the Devil and the deep blue sea at tw100

Spoilers: Vague for Small Worlds

Summary: It falls to Jack to make the hard choices.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.




Sometimes there just weren’t any good choices, only bad, worse or catastrophic, but that didn’t make such decisions easier to make or to live with.


He reminded himself she wasn’t really a child anymore, had ceased to be that when she was chosen. Not entirely human, no longer suited to this world. She wanted to go with them, where she belonged, where she fit.


But she still looked like a child; she had a mother who would grieve her loss.


In the end it wasn’t even a choice. Let this one go, or let the entire world suffer the consequences.

The End


Sorry I haven't commented on most of your drabbles. I do read them and have enjoyed them all. From a writers view they most be harder to write, than a normal fic.( I'm no writer) I respect and appreciate all of your writing ability. Thanks for sharing all your hard work.
Thank you =)

I've always admired people who write drabbles - never thought I'd do it myself as I'm well known for never using one word when five will do! Here I am though, learning the art with varying degrees of success - I'm happier with some than with others. I'm glad you're enjoying my efforts.

I wasn't a writer either - until I started writing, lol! It snuck up on me!
WOW! you could really describe Jack's powerlessness so well in so few lines!
Thank you! *hugs* I wasn't sure about this one, whether I'd been too vague, but I had to cut a lot out to get to 100 words. Glad it worked for you!
Great story! I think this should be called 'being caught between Gwen and a hard place, LOL.'
LOL! I wanted to get something in about Gwen not understanding the situation, but sadly I didn't have room.

That's always the first thing that crosses my mind with this scene - sometimes there just isn't any way to save everyone, but Gwen can't get that through her head. As powerful as Torchwood is, they're not omnipotent and Jack is still just a man, even though he's immortal. He makes the hard choices the others can't, because he's the one in charge.
I agree with you--it wasn't even much of a choice for Jack, even though his Team seemed to think there was one, and that he should have tried harder to force the result they thought they "should" have.

In the case of one or a few vs. the many, Jack will chose the pragmatic answer every time. It really is a case of "bad, worse or catastrophic" so often with him. Well-put. :)
Thank you.

Jack's the one in authority, so the hard (and the impossible) decisions fall to him, but in their line of work you'd think Tosh and Owen at least would have learned that they can't always get the ideal outcome from a situation. Gwen hadn't been there long, but even she should have listened to Jack - he knows far more than the rest of them, has more experience.
Poor Jack. You show his helplessness really well.
He's the one that always has to do the right thing, even when that right thing feels so wrong.
I never understood why the others gave him such a hard time over this. He did what had to be done.
Well done!
Thank you.

Jack knew that no one was a match for the faeries, they couldn't be fought or reasoned with and anyway, Jasmine was too far gone to be able to live as a normal human, but the team wouldn't listen to him, which struck me as out of character for Tosh and Owen. Gwen was always naive so her reaction, while irritating, wasn't surprising, but the others should have had more faith in Jack.
That was great. Poor Jack, always having to make the hard decisions and then have to deal with the fall-out.
Yeah, being the leader brings unwelcome responsibilities, something Gwen never seemed to understand.

Thank you.
Poor jack. Such is curse of being leader of Torchwood.
Exactly - it's not all fun being the leader, the responsibility can be crippling, making impossible choices because no one else can. It's a heavy burden to carry.

Thank you.
Yeah, a dreadful choice to make, and yet it had to be made. Well done.
Jack's always the one who has to weigh up the consequences of the team's courses of action and pick the best of a bad bunch. Saving everyone is rarely an option, it's a case of keeping casualties down to a minimum if possible.

Thank you.
Many congratulations:
While I haven't read everything you've written and posted (I am working through about 12 people's complete portfolios, yours included) drabbles and angst are rarities in your works that I have read so far. This shows that you do both well.

What I hear when I read
is a poem.

Thank you =)

I'm new to drabbling, never though I could condense my writing into anything readable in just 100 words, but I'm learning. It's forcing me to be concise, against my natural inclination for rambling and I can be angstier in drabbles than I am in the longer fics where humour and fluffiness tend to take over. I'm a bit amazed I've managed at least one drabble for each of the last seven prompts, and I'm hoping to get another one written this week, if I can whittle down one of the other ideas I've had into something that still makes sense, lol!
Great look at Jack's conflicted psyche.
Thank you, it was the first thing that came into my head for the prompt.
Poor Jack
He have no choice!
No choice at all. Being the leader comes with a lot of unwanted responsibility.

Thank you.
You are absolutely right. Jack was faced with so many situations in which there were no good answers; no good choices.
I think that's one of the hardest parts of being in charge, the decisions are ultimately Jack's to make, but that doesn't mean the team will agree with what he decides, so not only does he have to deal with his own guilt over doing something he had no choice about, he also had to cope with being villified for it, especially by Gwen who is so naive she thinks humanity is a match for anything. She doesn't understand that often humanity is so primitive by comparison with whatever they're up against that they have no chance and just have to try for the best outcome possible under the circumstances. Ooops! Sorry for the essay!

Thank you!

Nice look at the episode! :)
Thank you! It seemed a natural fit for the prompt.
this is nice. thanks for sharing
Thank you! I'm a learner drabbler, just getting used to the word limit.