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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Tosh - I Rule

Drabble: For Love Of Family



Title: For Love Of Family

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 257 - Between the Devil and the deep blue sea at tw100

Spoilers: For Fragments

Summary: Family means everything to Tosh.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Beta thanks to timelordshines , without whose insight I never would have finished this one. I’ve tinkered with it some more since though, lol!


Tosh checks the blueprints, measures, snips pieces of wire and solders connections, feeling a sense of awe as she sees what she’s building take shape.


She shouldn’t be doing this, she knows she shouldn’t; it’s against the law, stealing blueprints to build a weapon. She doesn’t even know for whom she’s building it or why they want it so badly.


Deep down she knows she’s committing treason, knows she will pay for her crime. She can’t let that stop her though. Her mother’s life is at stake and family is everything.


She’ll do whatever it takes to save her mother.


The End


well done and a good use of a painful prompt
Thank you! I really wanted to write about Tosh. That scene in Fragments, as she builds the Sonic Modulator - you just know it's not going to end well, but she's desperate and more afraid for her mother than for herself. It just seemed to fit, no matter what she does she can't win.
Loved it! Tosh is another of the silent and most cherished character! Pity she did not get more action inthe series!

I can really see her thinking that!
Thank you, I think that was a defining moment for Tosh's character, which makes it all the more ridiculous that we only found out about it just before she died. The characters were never properly explored until they were about to die, except for Gwen.
It is nice to see Tosh starring in a drabble. We dont see enough of her.
I like how you finished this off. Very nice :-)
You would have finished it without my beta - I only added a couple of words!
You got me thinking again and nudged me in the right direction, I probably would have abandoned it otherwise and tried something else.

There isn't enough about Tosh, I really need to do more drabbles about her. I'll try in future, she's a very under-used character, which is a shame.

Thank you!
Ooo. Poor Tosh. She was really stuck with that choice. The things we do for loved ones.
Thank you.

It was such a complicated situation. I got the sense that she loved what she was doing, building the Sonic Modulator, even though she was fully aware of how dangerous it was, but it was also something she had to do in an attempt to save her mother, even knowing the likely consequences for herself. It was her duty as a daughter.
Excellent drabble. (You stole my idea Wah!!!)
0.0 Sorry! Hope you'll still write yours! There's always the need for more Tosh drabbles.

Thank you.
Awesome! Jack isn't the only one who's got to make choices.

also gives me an excuse to use my icon!
Terrific icon!

Tosh was in an impossible position, but she had to try to save her mother, no matter what the personal consequences might be.

Thank you.
Great work, Tosh is such a loyal character should would do anyting to help others especially her mom.
Thank you.

Family is very important to Tosh, it's part of her heritage, she would have done anything in her power to save her mother, even though she knew the consequences for herself wouldn't be good. At the same time, because she's Tosh, I think she would have revelled in the process of building the sonic modulator.
She shouldn't be doing it and yet it seemed like part of her was enjoying it--so much so it was quite a shock when it was revealed how she was being blackmailed. Great example of a "devil and the deep blue sea" situation.

Well-done! :)
Thank you!

(Appropriate Tosh icon is appropriate!)

Tosh's situation was one of the worst - commit treason or you mother will be killed or tortured or whatever. There was really only one choice, but the scientist and tech lover in her revelled in the process of building the device.

Unfortunately, it seems aviv_b had the same idea, but I got there first. Still hoping to see her interpretation though.
People getting similar ideas seems to be happening a lot! It's happened to me twice and then there's the "sink or swim" incident where you (inadvertently) wrote one half of a two-parter. :) And yet when there always are differences in the finished pieces that make them unique and well worth reading.

This is very true, and inevitable - we've all seen the episodes, some of us are bound to think of the same thing when we see a prompt. I'm just hoping aviv_b still writes hers, time is running out!

I just posted my third for this week... =S
Another awesome icon! :D You inspired me to go searching out some new ones last night myself. New iconz are fun! (Although a lot of the ones I found came from 2007 I think. LOL.)
I'm trying to be systematic with my icon search, so I'm working my way through 2008 before I go back to 2007. It takes time, considering how many I tend to download each time. I must have thousands by now.

I've got a variation of the one you're using on my Dreamwidth account - it includes the words Can I keep him? I have added many more over on dreamwidth, but I only have room for I think 7 more here, so I'm trying to choose carefully.