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Drabble: Sweet Treats

Title: Sweet Treats

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Gwen, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 380: Fancy at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: It’s not Torchwood’s usual order…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Ianto had been to the bakery to pick up afternoon snacks. Really the team should be eating more healthily, but with all the running around they didn’t seem to be putting on weight. Besides, they all knew they were more likely to die from something alien related rather than high cholesterol anyway.

“Ooh, cakes!” Gwen bounced over then frowned. “Where are the cupcakes?”

“We always have cupcakes,” Ianto replied. “I felt like a change, and these looked really good.”

Jack grinned, selecting a cake. “You know what they say, ‘A little fondant fancy does you good’!”

Ianto didn’t correct him.

The End

A/N2: For those who don’t know, the real saying is ‘A little of what you fancy does you good.’

Tags: drabble, fic, fic: g, gwen cooper, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, torchwood fic, tw100

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