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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Dee & Ryo

FAKE Ficlet: The Importance Of Being Fashionable

Title: The Importance Of Being Fashionable

Fandom: FAKE

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: JJ.

Rating: G

Setting: During the manga.

Summary: JJ bemoans his colleagues’ lack of fashion sense.

Word Count: 366

Written For: My own prompt ‘FAKE, JJ, Fashion is life,’ at [community profile] fic_promptly.

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

A/N: For lil_1337. Sorry about the lack of Drake, he wandered off when JJ started going on about fashion.

Looking around the squad room, JJ shook his head despairingly and sighed. He just didn’t understand the people he worked with. There they sat at their desks, a mismatched bunch of losers dressed in shapeless, off-the-rack suits and outdated casuals. Honestly, he was ashamed to be seen in public with them. Well, apart from Dee of course. Mister Wonderful always looked perfect no matter what he was wearing, and besides, he favoured classic styles that never went out of date, but the others? They were pitiful.

He knew it could be hard to budget on a cop’s salary, but that was no excuse. It was just a case of careful shopping. Buy the right separates and they could be matched to create several trendy yet professional outfits, and a well-made suit could last the wearer through at least three or four years, if you had a good tailor to take care of alterations and keep it in vogue. Which naturally JJ did. Looking good was important; if you wanted to get ahead in life, you needed to dress for success. You couldn’t expect people to take you seriously if you just threw on any old thing every morning, like the others did.

The best that could be said about most of his colleagues was that they looked like the archetypal cops in every show on TV, except that most of the TV cops were better looking. As always, Dee was the exception that proved the rule.

JJ tried to set a good example, really he did, but the others had about as much clothes sense as… well, as people who thought the eighties was a cool decade for fashion. In other words none at all. Clearly they were a lost cause.

He couldn’t seem to persuade them to match his level of style, but he’d never let the other detectives of the 27th precinct drag him down to their level; he had too much self respect. They could make fun of his carefully coordinated outfits as much as they liked, but no matter what they said, JJ knew how good he looked, and for a fashion-conscious style icon like Jemmy J Adams, that was what counted.

The End


I already replied to this one Ao3, but I enjoyed it enough that it bears repeating. I really love how you got into JJ's head and showed how he thinks.
Thank you! This was supposed to be Drake/JJ, but Drake got bored and went to find something to eat instead.

Contest Week just ended and I think I filled four or possibly five of the prompts you gave me. I filled 65 prompts altogether and 30 of them were FAKE!
He would because Drake does not care about fashion at all. On the other hand he is lazy enough that he would let JJ pick out his clothes and dress him if JJ wanted to.

Congrats! You've been busy.
I'm sure it would make JJ very happy having a real live dress-up doll! Drake would tolerate it to make JJ happy and to make his own life easier.

I really was busyu, my previous best was only 47 and wordcount-wise, I beat my best weekly total by around 12,000! Writing over 34k in a week is unbelievable o_O
One more reason that JJ/Drake works so well.

That is really impressive.
Drake is so laid back, that's just what JJ needs. Dee would never let JJ dress him, he has too many of his own opinions, but Drake is like *shrug* "Whatever, dude."

I still can't believe it!
Being fashionable and feeling at ease with himself is also a good way to create a positive state of mind and to drape himself in an aura of success.
For JJ it's all true, but deep down he's just a slave to fashion, lol!

Me, I couldn't care less, I wear when I'm comfortable in.

Thank you!