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What a day....

Today has been a bit insane.

My Car's MOT test was coming due, so I booked her in for this morning. She was picked up at 9.30, and was back by 10.45 with very bad news. She failed and there was so much that needed doing it wasn't worth trying. I love my little car, so I really wasn't happy. I've had her just under four years and I hate that she'll probably have to be scrapped, but I had to face facts, so I went online looking for a replacement.

I thought it would take weeks to find something suitable, but I found one right away, only a few miles from home and quite cheap. 14 years old, but so was my last car when I got it, so my friend asked his older brother, who knows a bit about cars, to drive us out to look at it, and I ended up buying it. Got the seller to drop the price by nearly £100 too.

But, then I had to drive home from somewhere I'd never been before, and I was supposed to follow my friend's brother, but he drove WAY to fast and I lost track of him halfway, so I'm asking my friend, "Which way am I supposed to be going? Which lane should I be in?" and he's like, "I don't know!" He's got the map, he's supposed to be navigating! *rolls eyes* I did manage to find my way off the main road and gor to somewhere familiar, then had to stop off for petrol and found I didn't know how to open the cover over the petrol cap. *headdesk* My old car, you used the key. This one, we had to locate a lever in the car... It's down beside the driver's seat. I was home with new car just after 3pm. Never thought I'd get that sored so fast!

New car is now sitting in the drive; tomorrow I have to swap things around so new car is in the garage and old car is in the drive, because she's got to go. I feel so guilty, she's been such a great little car, but at least my new one is the same make so most of the controls are in the same places!

So, that's been MY day. Hope everyone else had a less manic time...
Tags: argh!, car, real life, wibble

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