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Utterly Pointless News!

I have decided I'm going to knit myself a new jumper - and it will be red! Not that wishy washy orangey red of British post boxes, but a rich, glowing blood red (it would look great on Ianto).

I was attempting to clear some of the junk out of the box room and found myself staring at all the lovely colours of wool, so I dug out some patterns and eventually picked a fairly simple one with cable panels down the front and sleeves (not sure about the back) bordered by plain stocking stitch. Now I just need to find my needles.

I really need a new red jumper as my other two have gone really saggy (they were knitted with budget wool that turned out to be rather poor quality - usually, I find it's just as good as more expensive yarns, but this stuff wasn't) and the washing machine bit a hole in one =(

My arthritic fingers will probably hate me at first, but they'll get used to it.

Wish me luck =)
Tags: craft, knitting

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