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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Easy Way Out

Title: Easy Way Out

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Gwen, mentions Rhys, Owen & Diane.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 386: Admission at tw100

Spoilers: Combat.

Summary: Gwen decides to confess to Rhys about her affair with Owen.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Whatever she’d had with Owen was over; it had just stopped. Gwen wasn’t sure how she felt about that. It seemed something had been going on between Owen and Diane, and she hadn’t noticed although everyone else had.

It didn’t matter though, she still had Rhys, but perhaps she should come clean with him now the affair had ended. She doubted her admission would go down well with him but she needed to clear her conscience.

The answer was so simple: Retcon. She could tell Rhys everything, get his forgiveness, and wipe the slate clean.

He wouldn’t remember a thing.

The End


Yes, and how did that work out, Gwen ? *rolls eyes*
One of Gwen's biggest blunders. I'm glad Rhys didn't forgive her because she didn't deserve it. She didn't want to make up for cheating on Rhys with Owen, she just wanted to salve her own conscience by having Rhys tell her it was okay. Well, it wasn't, and if Rhys had remembered he probably would have dumped her. He deserved better.

Thank you!
That scene where she's crying while eating the pizza all alone after Owen dumped her. What were we suppose to get from that?
Lord knows, but I sure as hell had no sympathy for her. She cheated on the man she said she loved, then gets upset when he won't forgive her after she drugged him so she could salve her own conscience without having to deal with the consequences. I wish the retcon hadn't worked on Rhys and he'd woken up the next morning and kicked her out. Gwen got her own way in everything and that was just disgusting.

Thank you.
Like Rose Tyler, she was never made accountable for her selfish actions. In order to enjoy a show you got to at least relate or like a character. That's how I feel anyway.

For some reason, Rhys put Gwen up on a pedestal. Why else would he put up with her?
I don't understand men, Rhys could have done so much better.

Rose was an immature teen who ended up being an even more immature adult. Like Gwen she never grew up.
Yeah. We were suppose to just accept them like this.
I couldn't. I was more mature at sixteen than either of them were in their twenties!
You should have been in Torchwood instead.

Maybe that's why there was little focus on Tosh.
Gwen was kept so much to the forefront that the others didn't get much screen time.

I wouldn't have been a good agent, I'm technically inept and definitely not athletic. Too old and arthritic.
Maybe a character with a similar personality trait such as yourself. You could have been good in the office at least. You could have told Gwen off.
I'm good with filing, I could have been Ianto's assistant. I would definitely have put Gwen in her place. I would have told her to grow up and stop acting like she's entitled to special treatment because she's not. I would have pointed out that as the junior member of the team she should follow orders because she has the lest experience, and I would have told her that the world does not revolve around her. That's just for starters.
If only something like this could have happened.

It was a missed opportunity not to have someone put Gwen in her place.

It could have lead to Gwen having a wake up call and actually develop into a better person.

Jack could have benefited in having someone wise to advise or give moral support.

I could imagine Twelve wouldn't be impressed with Gwen.
Oh, how I wish someone would write the meeting between Twelve and Gwen! Honestly, I think the only Doctor who wouldn't put Gwen in her place would be Ten because he let Rose wrap him around her finger. I'd love to see River come down hard on Gwen too!

Jack himself should have put Gwen in her place though, right from the start he let her get away with things he wouldn't have tolerated from anyone else. It made no sense.
They did the continuity scene where Ten and Rose go all gooey over the fact that Gwen looks like Gwyneth. I kept thinking about Nine.

Jack probably got fed up with arguing with Gwen. She never listened to him. She always learned the hard way.

If only Jack could have met Twelve.
Well, she never really learned at all... But yeah, I'm sure Jack soon got tired of trying to argue with a woman who wouldn't listen to anyone else *sigh* I don't blame him.
Yep bad idea Gwen.

great drabble.
And it shows absolutely no consideration for Rhys or his feelings. Typical Gwen.

Thank you!