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Ianto Little Smile

February 2023



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Ianto Little Smile

Yay! I'm Ianto!



Me too! I was sure I was going to be Tosh.
I was worried I might end up as Gwen o_O

I wouln't have minded being Tosh, although I'm nowhere near as smart as she is and I'm a computer dunce, but I was thrilled to bits to be Ianto!
I wouldn't have minded being Tosh, but I'm still glad I got Ianto =D
Well, of course you are! :)

Me too, apparently.

Does this mean we can embrace our inner Ianto?
Of course!

Jack just volunteered to embrace ALL the Ianto's, inner and outer!
All Iantos form an orderly queue for Jack hugs!

Edited at 2012-11-16 11:41 pm (UTC)
Yay ianto rules :-)
I'm ianto too apparently :-)
I thought I might be tosh and dreaded finding out I was gwen. But I'm pleased to be ianto :-)
I definitely wouldn't have posted if I'd been Gwen - I would have re-taken the test until I got a better result, lol!

Of course, I didn't have to because I'm Ianto! Everyone is Ianto. Or Tosh! I have an inner Ianto =D
I'm Ianto too! Iantos Unite!

Actually I wouldn't have cared who I was as long as I wasn't Gwen!
We're all Ianto together =D that's definitely the most desirable result. I didn't want to be Gwen either, and thankfully I'm not. I sometimes wonder if Gwen ever wishes she wasn't Gwen...
Good for you! I ended up as Tosh, but at least I'm not Gwen. ;)
Everyone I know has breathed a sigh of relief at not being Gwen!

Being Tosh is as good as being Ianto; Tosh is also awesome!
bravo! you is lucky
Yes I am! I've done loads of these tests and I never seem to get the result I want, but this time I did =D