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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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JB Weird

Drabble: True Love


Title: True Love

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Giving that away would spoil things.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 260 – Odd Couples at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: True love always wins in the end….

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: My last drabble for this challenge, I couldn't resist writing it - I'm evil!



She knew the others looked at her oddly when she was with her beloved, but she didn’t care. They were just jealous! He’d had many lovers before her, but even though he never said the words, she was certain he felt the special connection between them; how could he not? It was just… complicated.


Still, she was confident all complications could be overcome; after all, true love always won in the end, didn’t it?


Janet sighed as she gazed at Owen. Yes, despite the obstacles they faced she knew they would find a way to be together. It was destiny!

The End



How many drabbles this week?!?
Love it :-)
I was trying to guess the characters and in the first paragraph it could almost have been Gwen and Jack! Lol!
Heehee! My sneaky plan worked, that's exactly why I wrote it the way I did, lol!

I can't believe it, but the grand total ended up at 7! Hopefully I won't be so prolific with the next prompt - all my time this week seems to have been spent posting and cross-posting drabbles O.o
Bwahahaha! True love indeed.

Sorry to delete, comment went in the wrong place.
Oh, I've done that so many times!

Oh yes, true love! I think Janet has been reading too many Harlequin Romance novels, lol! (Ianto keeps sneaking them to her in secret so no one finds out she's a romantic at heart!)

Thank you!
Janet, fight for your man! You deserve happiness!

*Giggles* Yeah, Janet, ignore what the other weevils say, you show them!

Thank you!
We cannot say that Janet is so willing to get her man!
lovely! you are hiper productive, J!

Lol! I know, my brain is like a drabble production line!

Thank you! Janet deserves to be happy, lol!
Well, at least the nuptials will go off without a hitch! I'm sure the team will bevery supportive of Owen's relationship, lol!

Thank you!
Lol. This has me wondering if weevils even have a gender and how they really mate. Or are the like a mogwi and just span my shoots off balls of fur.
*giggles* Who knows with weevils? It's never explained and they all look alike to me anyway!

If Janet has her way, Owen may be the first human to learn exactly how weevils mate!
but, poor Janet! Owen is not a very convaicant prince charming.
at least for me!
Well, weevils don't look for the same things in a mate that we do. To Janet, Owen is perfect, but I prefer Ianto, lol!

Thank you!
My guess was Myfanwy and Ianto.
That could have worked too... Hmmm, maybe I should have written that pairing as well, lol!

Thank you =)

Oh god...my sides.

I so totally figured that's where this was going.

Or Nosy fell in love with Ianto....

I think Nosy is a bit less discriminate - it loves everyone, though not in a romantic way as far as anyone can tell!

Owen is currently traumatised by Janet's revelation!

Thank you!