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Torchwood_fest is open for prompts!

torchwood_fest's Summer Fest is open for prompts!

Here's what our lovely host alafaye has to say.

So let's have a fest to kick off the summer.

I'm going to model it off the last fest we held in December -- we'll gather prompts from the community and also have weekly prompts. That worked out best for everyone, I think. The only difference is that this won't be seasonal at all. Want a winter holiday fic? Okay. Want something summery? Okay. Want it to have no theme at all? That's okay, too. This fest is just to get some new fic going on in here. I'm also hoping that if I give you more time, we'll have some longer length fics. So, details.


Prompting is open!
May 7th: Prompting closes
May 14: A post will go up where participants can register their interest with a form and which prompt they are most likely to use (prompts can be used by any number of people, no worries) *This post will remain open until June 26th.
June 12th: Fest posting opens
July 16nd: Fest closes; final master list goes up.

So, who's willing to leave prompts and/or write fic? Please consider either or both, it would be great to have more people participating this time.

Prompt post is here.

Hope to see you there!

Tags: hugs f-list, pimping, torchwood_fest

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