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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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My Captain, Oh Captain

Drabble: Fallen Hero


Title: Fallen Hero

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Gray

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 261 – Relatives at tw100

Spoilers: Adam, Exit Wounds

Summary: He used to be Gray’s hero, but now…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: This is a bit rushed as the deadline is approaching, so apologies for it being substandard – I’ve been rushed off my feet this week and haven’t even had time for drabbling, but I wanted to at least get one written. I had other ideas, but they just didn’t go anywhere.




They’d been inseparable as children. Wherever he went, Gray would follow and he’d never minded because he’d loved his little brother and Gray had looked at him like he was a hero.


Then the monsters came and he failed to protect his brother; suddenly he didn’t feel like a hero at all. He’d searched for years, but it was hopeless, the universe was too big and he was just one man.


Now Gray was back, blaming him for the hell he’d been through, wanting revenge, wanting his brother to suffer as he had. It was all Jack’s fault.


Jack agreed.


The End




Don't be so hard on yourself Jack, it wasn't your fault! You were just a child yourself- you let go of each other, it was an accident. *Hugs Jack*
Yeah, poor Jack, he'll always blame himself because that's the kind of man he is, he feels responsible even if there was nothing he could have done to change what happened.

Thank you.
Poor poor jack. He isn't to blame. He wasonly a child at the tme.
He was. Unfortunately, I don't think he sees it that way. He was responsible for his brother's safety and he feels like he failed Gray. *hugs Jack*

Thank you.
Ouch! That last line is a kicker. That was one the worst parts of that episode... How meekly Jack accepted the horrible fate of being buried alive for all eternity, because he thought he deserved it. That's a lot of guilt to carry around! :(
I think Jack takes responsibility seriously, the devil-may-care attitude is something of an act (he was a conman after all). He's been carrying guilt over what happened to Gray for so long, he honestly believes it was his fault. It's quite possible that his mother blamed him and so Jack has never thought to question whether it really was his fault.

Thank you.
Oh, so sad. Poor Jack, I agree. He didn't mean to let go of his hand and they were just children, very scared children. :(
They were, very scared indeed, but poor Jack still feels he let his little brother down. It's a dreadful burden to carry for so many years. Perhaps he thought if he let Gray punish him, he'd finally be able to put it behind him, but an awful lot of innocent people got caught in the crossfire, so now he feels responsible for that too. =(

Thank you *hugs tight* ♥

Edited at 2012-11-26 01:23 pm (UTC)
this really broke my heart ..... poor Jack!
*hugs* Thank you, it was heartbreaking to write. Poor Jack carries the world on his shoulders, he seems to blame himself for everything.
Oy! Jack is always going to blame himself even though he was only a mid at the time.
Yeah, Jack just can' help it, he feels responsible even though there's probably nothing he could have done. Everything happened too fast.

Thank you.
Gulp heart is breakaing for poor Jack. heartbreaking story.
*hugs and offers glue for broken heart*

It's a heartbreaking situation for Jack, he can't help but blame himself and even though Gray has become so twisted by his experiences, he's still Jack's little brother =(

Thank you.