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I've been making Christmas cards....

As some of you already know, I decided to make my Christmas cards this year - nothing too elaborate, just die-cut shapes stuck on cards with a few embellishments, but I'm quite pleased with the results.

Here's what I've made so far....

Triangular tree cards

Triangular Tree Cards

Baubles (Set 1)

Baubles Set 1

Flowering Trees (The first 5 are my not-Christmas Christmas cards)

Flowering Trees

Tannenbaum Trees (and 2 Glittery cards)

Tannenbaum Trees & Glitter Cards

Penguins Set 1

Penguins Set 1

Penguins Set 2

Penguins Set 2

If anyone would like a card from me this year, PM me your address (and if a particular card takes your fancy, comment below and I'll try to make sure you get it - first come, first served. I've labelled the rows or columns A, B & C to make it easier, so, for example, you could ask for Penguins set 2, 2nd card in column C, or C2) I still have lots more to make - the next ones are planned out and just need glueing, I'm a busy girl!
Tags: christmas, craft, real life

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