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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Drabble: Maybe...


Title: Maybe…

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Tosh

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 263 – Maybe This Year at tw100

Spoilers: None

Summary: Tosh sits and thinks.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: A bit of a gloomy one this week, sorry!




Tosh stares at nothing, contemplating her empty life as the old year ends. Another year of coming home alone to an empty flat, of having her hopes dashed, of Owen ignoring her and leaving more scars on her heart with his thoughtlessness.


On TV bells chime, fireworks explode, marking a new year. She feels a tiny surge of hope; maybe this year will be different, maybe she’ll meet someone who appreciates her, even loves her. Maybe when next year arrives she won’t be alone. It’s not much, but hope is all she has to cling to and so she does.


The End


so sad but beautifully written!
Thank you *hugs* Poor Tosh is just a natural fit for this prompt, she just never really has any luck! At least she's not giving up.
Oh dear. It looks like it's be mean to Tosh week. :-(
And she's so nice-she deserves to be happy!
Nicely done though :-)
Thank you.

Yeah, Tosh deserves to be happy (and at least in my 'verse she will be), but she's so very unlucky in love. Don't worry though, I like to think that the hope pays off and in a few weeks she meets someone special and lives happily ever after. Maybe I'll even write something along those lines someday, who knows?
Aww poor Tosh. *huggles her*
Yeah, she's feeling pretty down but she still has some hope - she won't give up, so love will find her soon.
Yeah Tosh has the largest numbers of relationships gone bad on the show.

Yes, please write a story where Tosh has a good relationship!
We'll have to see if I can write something - next year, as I have barely got time for a drabble a week at the moment. The run up to Christmas is always manic, with too many birthdays to deal with as well.

Thank you!
New Year's can be real hell what with all that "he's a jolly good fellow" and reflecting on the past year and all that. I'm glad Tosh found a bit of hope in the fresh start it can offer... if only for awhile. :(

Thank you.

I'm hoping that she gets lucky this year. It's all too easy to imagine Tosh home alone with a glass of wine on New Year's Eve, reflecting on all her bad luck over the past year.
This makes me want to hug Tosh and wrap her up in bubble wrap and protect her from everything.

Me too! I was struck by the glooms when I saw the prompt and poor Tosh suffered for it.

I'm trying to encourage my muse to produce something more fluffy and upbeat, but so far no luck!

Thank you.
sad but a new year begins, so who knows
Tosh is hopeful, so maybe it will be a good year for her. She deserves some love and luck in her life!

Thank you!
Oh. Oh. Sad but true. There was hope and then she died. Poor Tosh. She was certainly the nicest one of the team.
I always feel so sad for Tosh, ignored by Owen and having all her lovers die. Admittedly, two of them (Mary and Adam) were evil, but she just never had any luck when it came to relationships.

At least in the Nosy-Verse she's still alive and much happier, but I think I was a bit mean to her here. The prompt just made me think gloomy thoughts.

Thank you.
Lovely but I always thouhgt Tosh deserved better than Owen.
Part of me likes the idea of Tosh helping Owen become a better person, the other half of me wishes Tosh could have found someone who deserved her, someone really awesome who would recognise how amazing she is!

Thank You.
Only in RTDland could a woman that sweet, smart, and beautiful end up alone.
Yeah. I felt so bad for her writing this. In my head, by the following New Year's Eve, Tosh is in a relationship with someone very special who sees what an awesome person she is. They live happily ever after!

Thank you.
Poor tosh, she so deserves love (glares at Owen)

Great drabble.
Thank you!

Yes, she does, but Owen was too oblivious to notice.
Oh Tosh... at least you have some kind of hope even if nothing good happens :( *hugs her*
Thank you.

I felt really bad for her, but she just fit the prompt so well and I can't help thinking that despite everything, she still believed things could get better!