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Ianto Little Smile

December 2020



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: The Torchwood Buffet Mystery


Title: The Torchwood Buffet Mystery

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Owen, Team

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 264 – Holiday Food at tw100

Spoilers: None

Summary: There’s a thief in the Hub…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.




Torchwood’s Christmas buffet was a thing of beauty, the entire team having pulled together, preparing and cooking the feast. Every kind of Christmas food imaginable was arrayed across tables that practically groaned under the weight.


Team and guests were in festive mood, filling plates and glasses, laughing and chatting merrily, until Owen’s indignant voice silenced them.


“’Ere, who pinched the twiglets?”


Everyone looked at each other until a suspicious scrunching sound was heard from under the tables. Ianto lifted the cloth.


“Think I’ve found the culprit.”


There was Nosy, its snout buried in the twiglet dish.


“Bloody typical,” Owen grumbled.


The End


Yay a new nosy fic!
Very cute :-)
I've had the Nosy/twiglet idea for a while - can't remember who suggested Nosy might like twiglets, but somebody did. Anyway, it fit the prompt well enough. We always used to have twiglets at Christmas, but very rarely at other times. It's interesting to see what foods people associate with Christmas besides the obvious.

Thank you =)

Note to self:- buy twiglets...
hahahahah Nosy got his/her way to the yummy food!
Nosy knows what it likes and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means stealing the twiglets right off the table when no one's looking!

Don't worry though, Ianto made sure to buy several bags of them. He'll fetch a fresh bag for Owen and top up Nosy's dish.

Anyway, Nosy's part of the team, they should have expected it to join in the feast and help itself to whatever it fancied, just like everybody else.

Thank you
What are twiglets?

Lol at nosy?
Ah, I didn't think to explain them here... They're small, savory snacks, brown and knobbly and twiggy shaped, speckled with marmite. Is marmite still marmite in the US? I know it's vegemite in Australia... Anyway, that brown stuff people either love or hate, lol!

Nosy is sneaky, and apparently it has decided that twiglets are Nosy-food.

Thank you.
Clearly I should have added a twiglet definition, lol!

The humble twiglet - They're small, savory snacks, brown and knobbly and twiggy shaped, speckled with marmite. See pic here...


Thank you, glad you liked the drabble!
Sometimes I do worry about Nosy's diet. LOL!

But at least it's not anything that would cause hyperactivity in furry snake-aliens! Now that would have been hilarious. :)
Nosy likes what Nosy likes - it's an alien after all, so no one should be surprised that it's decided twiglets are excellent Nosy-food.

At least they won't make it hyperactive the way the coffee beans did in Out Of Coffee, so Ianto doesn't mind buying extra twiglets.

One day, I'll have to write about Nosy on a sugar-high!

Thank you.
Nosy and christmas fabulous!
Nosy's never had a Christmas before, but it definitely approves!

Thank you!
lol nosy, want to share with me?
nice job
Lol! I'm sure Nosy wouldn't mind sharing, but there's probably fluff in the twiglets now, you'd better have a fresh bag!

Thank you!
I'm glad someone asked what twiglets were. I'm pretty sure
Teddy would want some. I think he and Nosy may be cousins.
Distant relatives are welcome at the party, Nosy will save some twiglets for Teddy!

Thank you =)
NOSY! yay! I was hoping it was a Nosy ficlet.
Well, Nosy had to join in the festivities!

Thank you!
LOL! Nosy likes what Nosy likes. But Nosy is so cute, who could possibly stay mad?

I didn't know what twiglets were either, but now that I do, I'd sure like to try them. Just not the ones that have been Nosed!

Twiglets are good! But no, you definitely don't want any that have been Nosed, they're probably a bit fluffy by now.

Owen won't stay mad once Ianto gives him a fresh bag of twiglets. After all, Nosy disn't know it was doing anything wrong. Jack told everyone to help themselves, so Nosy did. It didn't realise it wasn't supposed to take the whole dish of twiglets!

Thank you =)
Nosy... LOL
I like the image like a child. It's a child!!!
Nosy does behave like a child quite a lot. In my mind, it's like a very smart 5-year-old, curious about everything and it learns quite quickly.

Thank you =)
Hee hee someone likes his twiglets.

Great drabble.
Two someones in fact! Owen and Nosy, bonding over twiglets!

Thank you!