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March 2023


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Ianto Little Smile

Fic Of The Week - Week Fifty One

Apologies for the lateness of this post, I've been busy trying to finish Christmas cards while I had some natural light to work by.

Late it may be, but here's this week's Fic of the Week post - one very short (5 chapters) fic, because Christmas is almost on top of us and I've barely started writing cards =/

This week's fic is In Between Dreams by toestastegood , from way back in January 2007.

Summary: In the aftermath of 1x13, Ianto struggles to hold himself together. 

Part 1 is here        and parts are helpfully linked.

Hope everyone enjoys this little fic. Happy reading!


I'm losing track of the days. Didn't realise it was fic of the week day again. I haven't read last week's yet!
I will try and read last week's this week and leave this one for a little while as I am currently in the middle of writing a fic set at the same time as this one and I dont want my thoughts about that time to be influenced by someone else's work. But I will read this soon as I am intrigued by the summary :-)

Hope you are getting on alright with your cards and having fun making them :-)
I've managed to finish off a batch that I'd started - I'll post the photos when I have time. I still have to do the insides of the ones I'm using this year - I only do the inside once I know who I'm sending a card to, it saves me doing all of them if I don't need them and it means I can personalise them a bit. Still a lot of work to do though.

The cookies have arrived! I had one at dinner, yummy! Thank you so much! I haven't posted your Christmas card yet, hopefully I will tomorrow as I have several ready to go, but still loads more to write. Time's got away from me again =/
Yay, pleased the cookies made it through the Christmas post! Sorry I didn't send a card with them, I meant to go into town and get a card, but I didn't have time, I had to go to the mini post office just down the road from work, and got there just before they closed.

I posted my end of series one fic yesterday so now I can read your fic rec. When I have time! Busy writing my next h/c fic. Only five more to go!
You'll get a blackout yet!

I posted your Christmas card yesterday - hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas, I know what the post is like these days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Ooh exciting :-) I will keep an eye on the post over the next few days :-)

I am trying for the blackout, but I dont have much time. 5 prompts left. I've part written two, I have an idea for the third, I'm waiting for inspiration for "archaic medical treatment", and I dont know what to do for the wildcard, there are so many possible choices! Do you have any particular moment from either series that you would like me to explore?
I've been wracking my brain but simply can't come up with anything you haven't already done =S

I'll keep thinking though!