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Ianto Little Smile

October 2019



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Fullmetal Alchemist Drabble: Natural Mistake

Title: Natural Mistake

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ed and Al Elric.

Rating: G

Spoilers: Early in the manga.

Summary: It’s a natural mistake to make.

Word Count: 100

Content Notes: None needed.

Written For: Challenge #145: Metal at fan_flashworks

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fullmetal Alchemist, or the characters; they’re the property of Hiromu Arakawa.

A/N: The obvious fandom for the prompt. It’s just a drabble, but the idea popped into my head and demanded to be written, so here it is.

A lot of people mistakenly assume that it’s Al who’s the legendary Fullmetal Alchemist, simply because of his metal armour. They stare at him in awe and admiration, barely sparing a glance for his ‘big’ brother, dwarfed by Al’s hulking metal shell.

They’re wrong of course; Ed’s uniform and pristine white gloves ably conceal his automail arm and leg, making him look normal, even ordinary, beside his brother.

Only when they see him in action do they realise their mistake, their eyes widening with amazement at his strength and speed.

Al may look impressive, but it’s Ed who’s the fighter.

The End


I haven't watched that in so long. Just reading this reminds me of how much I enjoyed it.
I haven't watched it at all, I've only read the first four volumes. I like it though.

Thank you!
You've only read the first four volumes?! And you have the concept of Ed down that perfectly? Damn; you're good! I used to have the first season on DVD, and I saw most of the second.
I've got some of the anime on DVD, not Brotherhood but the one that doesn't follow the manga. trouble is, I've only managed to get odd volumes so far so I haven't watched any of it yet. I will when I get a decent run of episodes ad can find time.

Ed and Al are interesting characters. I've written a handful of FMA fics. Well, 4 or 5, lol. Not all are about the brothers.

I need to read more of the manga, I've got the first 18 volumes and a few others, but I'm still missing four or five. Getting the later volumes at a low enough price is proving difficult.
I saw one episode of Brotherhood, and their using a different English-dub voice actor for Al ruined it for me.

I had the first five volumes, and Volume Ten, which confused me; until then, I hadn't been aware that the anime moved away from the manga storyline. That, I think, sort of caused me to lose interest in the manga itself. I was so used to how the anime's storyline progressed that anything else felt weird.

I'll have to go and look at those other fics, then. :) Nice; first I was feeling nostalgic for glass bottles, and now I'm feeling nostalgic for anime, lol!
Once nostalgia gets a grip it breeds, lol!

If you want to read the others, either click the fma fic tag on my sidebar, or the Miscellaneous Fandoms Master List link, also on the lefthand sidebar in the Master Lists section. There's one more I haven't posted yet. I'll get to it eventually, it's somewhere on fic_promptly, I can probably find the link if you want. They're just short pieces.

I made a conscious decision to read the manga and collect the other anime so I'd have both versions and could eventually write either, lol!
Excellent piece!
Thank you! It just popped into my head when I saw that challenge =)