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Ianto Little Smile

November 2019



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Dee & Ryo

FAKE Ficlet: Party Preparations

Title: Party Preparations

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ryo, Dee, mentions Bikky.

Rating: G

Setting: Vol. 1.

Summary: It’s Bikky’s first birthday since losing his father, and Ryo wants to make it special, but he could use a hand with the preparations.

Written For: The tw100 prompt ‘Cake’

Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

A/N: This one ended up as a 500-word ficlet

Ryo had the day off, so Dee, who’d been on first shift, stopped by his partner’s apartment on his way home, knocking on the door and waiting impatiently for Ryo to open it.

“Dee! What’re you doing here?”

“Just thought I’d check up on ya, make sure everything was okay.” Dee sniffed the air as he stepped though the door. “Yum! What’s cookin’, dude?”

“Bikky turns eleven today; it’s his first birthday since his father died and I wanted it to be special, so I’m making him a birthday cake,” Ryo replied. “I wanted to get it baked and decorated before he gets home from school so that I can surprise him. That’s why I took today off,” he explained, closing the door.

Shrugging out of his jacket and hanging it up, Dee pulled his boots off and looked around the living room, decorated with balloons and streamers. A pile of gaily-wrapped gifts sat on the coffee table waiting to be opened.

“Looks like you’ve gone all out.”

Ryo shrugged. “The last couple of months have been rough on him; losing his dad, getting uprooted from his home, leaving everything that was familiar behind and starting a new school… He’s still adjusting. He deserves to at least enjoy his birthday,” he said as his went back into the kitchen.

Dee followed him, leaning against the kitchen counter and watching as Ryo took the cake out of the oven. “Didn’t know you could bake.”

“I enjoy baking, but I haven’t had a lot of time for it what with work and everything,” Ryo said as he set the cake to cool. “Maybe I’ll do more of it now I have someone to bake for.”

“Cool. So, does that mean I’ll get a cake for my birthday too?” Dee asked.

Ryo laughed. “Maybe. I’ll have to think about it.”

“Do I at least get to stay for the party?”

“Who said there’s going to be a party?”

Dee waved a hand towards the living room. “Decorations? I’m a detective; I notice these things.”

“Fine. You can stay provided you help with the food. And I don’t just mean eating it either. There’s still a lot to prepare, and not much time.”

“I’ll help on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“Promise me you’ll bake a cake for my birthday.” For a moment, Dee’s cocky smile vanished. “No one’s ever baked me a birthday cake, I’ve always had a shop-brought one.”

How could Ryo refuse? “Alright, I promise, you’ll get your cake.”

“With chocolate frosting?”

“If that’s what you want.”


Ryo shook his head. “You’re as bad as Bikky! Now wash your hands. Can you get the buns ready for the hot dogs?”

“I may not be as good a cook as you, but when it comes to dogs, I’m your guy,” Dee replied, washing up as ordered. He fetched a knife from the drawer and set about slicing open the buns like an expert.

“Thanks, Dee.”

“Anytime, bud. You can count on me.”

The End


Must be because you're in America and not the UK =( That sucks!

I don't have copies of the scanlations of the manga, because I've got the books. I'll have to look around and see what I can find, but not right now as once again it's gone midnight and I need to get to bed. I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow.
Yeah; I was kinda wanting to read it, so I was excited when you gave me the link.

I'm gonna hunt around and see if I can find any other sites like that; maybe I'll find one that has it.

Found it! :D I found it on another site, and I've got it saved for later.

Edited at 2016-05-25 11:31 pm (UTC)
Oh YAY! I'm so pleased for you! I hope you enjoy it =)

There are 7 main volumes, several FAKE Extra things, FAKE 2nd, Like, Like, Love, and then the VERY graphically adult indeed Back Stage Pass stories, but only the first two have been translated. I've got scans of everything but the first seven volumes downloaded on my computer so if you have difficulty finding any of those I can email them. Some f the artwork on the later ones is incomplete, which is had. They got published that way because Sanami Matoh was having health problems and couldn't get done by publication date.

One of the reasons I love FAKE so much is that these guys are cops working cases, it's not just about their growing relationship, that's only a part of the story. There are some really emotional scenes.
*has stayed up way too late reading* OMG, I love these characters! God, that Dee is a pervert!!! :D And the Dee vs. Bikky fights are priceless! I think I'm about to start Chapter Eleven, or something; not sure.
It's addictive, isn't it? LOL!

Bikky and Dee never really get along, I think they're too alike, but they'd die for each other nevertheless. The expressions in the artwork make me giggle, especially grumpy Ryo. Heee!
It's a lot of fun, and so exciting! God, the way Dee freaked out when the orphanage was bombed...*shivers*

Bikky and Dee are Ed and Roy Mustang all over again! :D The same hostility and ego, with some grudging respect beneath it all. And I forgot how cute manga drawings can be when a character's pissed off! :D (Also, it was weird having to get used to reading right-to-left again after so many years, lol.)

My only issue with it is that it's actually illegal to smoke in public in New York (I only know this because of a short-lived sitcom Whoopi Goldberg had that took place there, and every time her character was shown smoking, she would send a check to the city to cover the fine, presumably so New Yorkers wouldn't feel encouraged to break the law), so Dee's constantly breaking the law anytime he's smoking on the street.
It was probably written before that law came into effect, lol! Here it's the opposite, you're not allowed to smoke inside public buildings, you have to go outside.

Volume 3, Ryo at the top of page 34, I SO badly want an icon of that image. I just don't know how to make icons *sigh*

I hadn't thought of the similarities between Ed and Roy's relationship and Bikky and Dee's, but there are definite similarities - although Roy is less childish than Dee can be. Sometimes it's like Ryo's stuck with two kids.

Yeah, the whole orphanage storyline was heart-rending. Dee just flipped, if it hadn't been for Ryo he would have thrown his career away. Mother would have been devastated because she's so proud of Dee.
The way the site I'm using arranges things, I'm not sure which image that'd be, or I'd make one for you. I'm not a very good icon-maker, but I'd try. :)
Let me see if I can be more specific. It's early in Vol. 3, they're on the firing range and it's the frame just before Dee holds his hand up to get Ryo to look up before kissing him. There's this little headshot of a very grumpy looking Ryo with a speech bubble off to his left where he's saying What? I just love that expression, it makes me giggle. Actually, that whole scene in the firing range is one of my favourites.