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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Laughing Jack

Drabble: Beware Of The…

Title: Beware Of The…

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Gwen.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 397: Wild at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Jack did warn her, but…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

The latest alien ‘threat’ was about the size of a small rabbit, shaped like a fat pink and white sausage, and very fluffy. In didn’t look at all threatening.

“Oh, how adorable!” Gwen cried, instantly smitten.

“Keep well back from it,” Jack warned.

“Don’t be silly, Jack. What harm could it do? OW!” Gwen yelped, jerking her hand away from the cute little creature. “It bit me!”

Jack laughed. “Serves you right; I told you not to get too close. Just because it looks cute doesn’t make it any less a wild animal. I hope you’re up-to-date with your shots!”

The End


Gwen had better hope that thing doesn't have space rabies, lol! Common sense says keep a safe distance from anything wild, but apparently that detail slipped by. I think squirrels are cute, for example, and raccoons, but I'm not gonna get too close to one.
Gwen is missing the common sense gene.

If it has teeth, claws, or a sharp beak, it's best to stay clear of the sharp bits.

I think I may be missing some of my common sense too, because I've handled plenty of birds, both wild and domestic, been pecked plenty of times, and my immediate impulse on seeing a stray ferret in the garden was to pick it up *rolls eyes at self* The ferret didn't bite, but the stray lovebird I caught was savage.

Thank you.
Haha, if I saw a ferret--well, first, I'd be surprised, as they're banned in California (I have no idea why)--I'd keep well away from it! From what I've seen, those suckers can be pretty feisty. And the only bird I've ever handled was a tame chick that had somehow wandered over from next door to the house I grew up in; they were apparently breeding chickens for some underground cockfighting ring.
I hate cockfighting, such a cruel sport.

We always had birds when I was growing up, mostly budgies. My sister's ex-husband, before they got married, built an aviary in our garden. He bred and showed budgies. I got into the scene and started breeding (big joke that, I only ever got a couple of chicks) and showing Zebra Finches. Won a few rosettes. Later, we had pet cockatiels, Handling birds is second nature to me, the neighbours still call on me when they find injured or trapped birds. Couple of years ago it was a young swift. I managed to find a place that would take it in and try to raise, but I don't know if they were successful. Swifts are notoriously difficult to hand rear. We raised a young Coal Tit once though.

The ferret, I needed to get it and confine it because I had a pet rabbit at the time. I just called and she came to me so I picked her up, just behind here forelegs. That way she couldn't bite me. At least I knew how to handle ferrets even though I'd never done it before. They're probably illegal where you are because if they escaped they'd decimate the wildlife,
It's disgusting, to do that to the poor things. :( Boxing and wrestling are barbaric enough, but to force an animal into a situation like that, and not care that they don't understand what's going on...it's heartless.

Mom would totally hate that; she's terrified of birds. Except for penguins--probably because they can't fly, lol.

Sounds sort of like picking up a cat by the scruff of its neck.

They're probably illegal where you are because if they escaped they'd decimate the wildlife

Yeah, that's my theory. I'll bet there are loads of secret ferret-owners throughout the state, though. They're cute, but I'll stick with cats. ^.^
Cute, yes, but extremely smelly, lol! They're so thin and wriggly though that even my small hand easily wrapped around the ferret's body behind its forelegs so it couldn't turn its head to bite. Not that she even tried, she was a sweetie and seemed quite happy just hanging there. I had to put her in an empty hutch and try to find the owner, but no one came forward and I had to call the RSPCA to take her because she wasn't eating. Turned out she was in heat, which is a dangerous time for a female ferret. If they don't find a male to mate with or (with domesticated ferrets) get an injection, they can die. Thankfully she was taken care of and reunited with her owner.

One of the neighbours is scared of birds too, I had to go to the rescue when a blackbird got in her house. I adore birds though, lifelong ornithologist. I miss my aviary, watching my tiny birds flitting around in a big, open space. So much better than cages.

Obviously not up-to-date with the i'm-too-arrogant-to-listen-to-advice shots :)

You'd think she'd get hers done the same time Jack got his done ...

... Or Owen got his done ... or -

No wait, I think I can see a trend here!

Owen makes sure all the team are up to date on shots to prevent diseases, but there's nothing he can do about Gwen's terminal arrogance and recurring bouts of stupidity. There's no cure for either.

Thank you.
good point jack.

great drabble
Some people just don't seem to understand the concept of wild animals...

Thank you!

Cute does not mean nice !!!
and vice versa ...
Very true! Thank you!
As usual, she does what she wants!
Will she ever learn to hear?
Nope! There's even a ficlet I posted recently that proves it ;)

Thank you!