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To All Torchwood Fans On Dreamwidth

The Hub, the general Torchwood community on Dreamwidth, appears to have vanished. This is not good. I know a lot of us who have Dreamwidth accounts regularly cross posted our fics there and its loss has left a big hole.

Therefore, I am hoping - if I can gather enough interest and some knowledgeable assistance - to set up a new Torchwood community on Dreamwidth. The idea is for it to be for all things Torchwood: Fic, art, recs, information, maybe even the occasional discussion,

So, this is to find out who is interested and who would be willing to help, bearing in mind that I don't have a clue about what I'm trying to do.

It would have to be a basic free account, at least to start with, but it would be a place for fans to find everything Torchwood-related on Dreamwidth.

Thoughts? Questions? Help?

Tags: help needed, question, torchwood

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