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December 2023



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To All Torchwood Fans On Dreamwidth

The Hub, the general Torchwood community on Dreamwidth, appears to have vanished. This is not good. I know a lot of us who have Dreamwidth accounts regularly cross posted our fics there and its loss has left a big hole.

Therefore, I am hoping - if I can gather enough interest and some knowledgeable assistance - to set up a new Torchwood community on Dreamwidth. The idea is for it to be for all things Torchwood: Fic, art, recs, information, maybe even the occasional discussion,

So, this is to find out who is interested and who would be willing to help, bearing in mind that I don't have a clue about what I'm trying to do.

It would have to be a basic free account, at least to start with, but it would be a place for fans to find everything Torchwood-related on Dreamwidth.

Thoughts? Questions? Help?


Trust me, the fandom is far from dead, there are some great new writers and there were still a fair number of us posting at the Hub. There are a lot of people who have drifted away, but there are also die-hards like myself who aren't going anywhere. Whoever ran the Hub may well have left for another fandom though. I think there are still enough people interested to make a new community worthwhile.

I didn't bother with Miracle Day either, that was not Torchwood, but all CoE did was make me cling tighter to my fandom - the first two series anyway. I'm stubborn like that, lol! I'll be here when everyone else has gone!


I have much love for the show (the DVD set was my Christmas present). I have MUCH love for the performers and writers and wouldn't' want them to think they have been forgotten. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how these things work. I'll help do what I can do though.

Berlybeth on Twitter
Do you have any idea what happened to the Hub?

What actually would be involved in the creation of a new community? If the amount of moderation attention is relatively minimal I'd be happy to help you with creating one.
No idea at all what happened to the Hub, it just doesn't exist any more.

Hopefully, there shouldn't need to be all that much moderation needed once it gets going, but as I'm a bit of a technology dunce, it's the setting up part that I'm a bit stuck with. There needs to be a set of community rules for a start, and a banner and icons (milady_dragon might be looking into that). I'm working on a list of tags, but I don't know how many are allowed for a basic free account. It will also need a name!

Any ideas or assistance would be welcomed.
I can definitely help you with the set-up, creation of, and rules. I've started communities on both LJ and DW before so I have some experience. My main concern was how much moderation would be needed after the community was up and running. Minor maintenance from time to time I can do, but given my insane schedule I don't want to take point on moderation.

Are you looking for this to be like the main torchwood community on LJ where fic and other stuff like news pertaining to new projects from cast members is welcomed or do you want to stick primarily to fan created works?

Do you have any idea of what name you'd like to use? If not I'll start brainstorming. I can start up a draft of rules for your consideration. It might be easier to move the conversation to email or IM at this point. I can be reached at star54kar at or star54kar on YIM. Please feel free to email me with your contact information and I'll send you what I've come up with once I've finished.
email's easier for me than IM since I have yet to get to grips with any kind of instant messaging - I'm got good with stuff like that! I'll email you my email, as I only use one for everything.

I'd like it to be like the main community on LJ I think, because there isn't a resource like that on Dreamwidth. Maybe add a Cast News tag...

As to name, no ideas so far. Myself and a few other people are thinking, but no one seems to have got very with that.

Yes please to the draft of rules, I have no idea where to start with that but I know it's essential to have the rules in place from the start.

I'm sure I've forgotten something....
I'd offer to help, but unfortunately dreamwidth doesn't get along well with my iPad, so I never got into using that site.
That's a shame.

You could still help with ideas, though! The site needs a name, plus any suggestions on tags that should be included?

I feel like a project manager, gathering information and organising the skilled workers, lol!
I think I might be able to help as long as it doesn't involve posting, that seems to be where I run into problems. Never really tried the behind the scenes stuff yet.

With a gen community you are going to need a crap load of tags so if you need help with tags and other stuff.

Hmm let me think own names I have a few idea percolating.
Great because I have no ideas for names whatsoever at the moment! I'm working on a tags list - so far I have tags for the different seasons, for fic, fic recs, art, action figures, characters, cast, various pairings, fic lengths (drabble, one-shot, series) and for the different ratings. I need to find out how many tags I can have, got to investigate that! What am I missing that I need to have?
Free account you can have 1000 tags, so I think you should be safe. There could also be author/artist tags, genre tags, episode tags, the sky's the limit.

Still pondering names.
Episode tags for the first 2 series are on my to do list. Author/Artist tags will mostly have to be done on request as people join the community.

Genres... Any suggestions? Angst, h/c, humour, fluff, action/adventure, what else?

Also community rules and guidelines? *headdesk* What have I got myself into? *hides under bed*
For genres maybe horror, AU, PWP, smut, crossover

Maybe a set of tags for warnings like non-con, dub-con, abuse and other stuff like that.

Maybe for a name: KeepingtheTorchAlive

If you want I can work on some rules nd guidelines and email over to you.
AU poses a slight problem - there are different kinds of au. Torchwood au (with aliens etc) totally au (without aliens) =S

Aren't smut and pwp mostly the same thing?

Should we tag gor warnings or just let the authors warn in their headings?

star54kar is working on a draft of the rules and guidelines. If you do one as well I can look over both and try to combine them into something comprehensive. I'll email you her first draft when she sends it to me. arnica over on dreamwidth is also helping, and will hopefully be able to get a banner and icons etc. made and put in place.

I'm in two minds over author/artist tags. star54kar says they can make for a lot of work, but I still kinda like the idea. I guess it's my decision since I'll be primary moderator. When I get a list of tags, I'll email them to everyone involved for input, whether I've missed anything etc.

Can you remember Owen's fiancee's last name? It's bugging me.