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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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JB Weird

Drabble: Unidentifiable Flying Objects


Title: Unidentifiable Flying Objects

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 266 – Unidentified Flying Objects at tw100

Spoilers: None

Summary: Rift alerts sometimes create more questions than answers.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: This is about as unidentified as I could get!




“What the hell are they?” Ianto gasped, ducking as another whizzed past his ear.


“No idea,” Jack replied. “They’re moving too fast, all I see is a blur!” Throwing himself to the ground as three more zoomed past, narrowly missing his head, he tugged at Ianto’s trouser leg. “Come on, it’s safer by the wall.”


Dropping to hands and knees, Ianto joined Jack, crawling quickly across the warehouse until they reached the wall.


“Now what?”


Jack shrugged.


They watched bright blurs zipping back and forth at alarming speeds until…




They vanished.


“Huh. Now we’ll never know.”


“Another Torchwood mystery!”


The End


hahah alien fireworks?????
Who knows? They could have been, but since they moved so fast, no one will ever know!

Thank you!
Yep! Torchwood can't solve every mystery that comes their way - sometimes all they can do is wonder "What the hell was that?"

Whatever they were, they didn't appear to be malicious, but it seemed to be a good idea not to get in their way. Maybe they'll solve the mystery some day, who knows?

Thank you =)
LOL! I'd imagine the team sees a lot of mysteries like this. It probably gets frustrating after awhile!
I'm sure it does! Still, the Torchwood team can't know everything!

Thank you =)
Several things come to mind, but that is Torchwood!
They could be anything, but in Torchwood they're used to coming across things they can't identify. And things thast won't stay still to be identified.

Thank you!
Only in Torchwood.tons of stories to tell that no one would believe.
And the punchline for this one would be "...and we never did find out what they were!"

Torchwood can't know everything - there are a lot of mysteries out there, it's a big universe. There were almost bound to be things that go *PING* and vanish!

Thank you!

lol I know, I know!

this old game of ping pong on the first computers!
or , the same kind, version of mosquito; in any case, I had it on my first computer, a game defined by a square, inside there was a "mosquito" (in any case the noise he made like this beast.) the goal was to get pinched by reducing the area of travel.

Re: lol I know, I know!

LOL! Maybe you're right! They were briefly stuck inside an old computer game!

Thank you!
Hmm... I wonder what they were?

Maybe it was them that killed LJ?

It seems to be working again now so I am trying to catch up with reading and commenting on the last few days worth of stuff :-)
Thank you. Jack and Ianto will be forever wondering, but all they can do is make guesses and look through the archives for anything similar.

I think they were harmless, so probably LJ was something else entirely - mutant weevils chewing the wiring maybe.

Oooh, if LJ stays up I muight be able to post a new drabble! I wrote one yesterday, and I'm hoping to get another out of the prompt!
Interesting drabble, wonder what they were.

Great work.
That's the thing with Torchwood - they encounter lots of weird and wonderful things, but that doesn't mean they will always know what they are. Sometimes, there must be things that defy explanation and have to remain mysteries, and I like that idea! Once everything is identified and explained, life loses a lot of its wonder. A bit of mystery is good for the soul.

Thank you.