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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Weather Woes

Title: Weather Woes

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Jack, Tosh, Ianto, Team.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 401: Cold at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Everyone is bemoaning the inclement weather.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Team Torchwood scurried quickly into the tourist office, out of the icy, rain-laden wind coming off the bay, rubbing their hands together and shivering. Their faces were reddened by the cold and their eyes were watering. Inside the small room it was warmer, though not by much. Ianto stood behind the counter in his overcoat and gloves.

“It’s the middle of June!” Jack grumbled, shaking rain from his hair. “How can it be this cold?”

“Maybe the Rift is affecting the weather,” Tosh suggested.

Ianto snorted. “I’d have thought both of you would be used to British summers by now.”

The End


Ouch. The thought of that sort of a summer is too much for me. We are currently 99 F. Now that's summer. :D
We've been having traditional British summer the last couple of weeks. Rain, rain, more rain, cold, wind... Miserable as it is, I wouldn't want temperatures of 99 plus. That's way too hot!

Thank you!
It's all what you are used to. After this long, these temps are comfortable and normal for us, but we are built for the heat here.
I'm definitely not, but I'm not built for the cold either, which means either way I'm usually miserably uncomfortable.
That's rotten. I like the heat, although after about 100, it's just plain hot. I'm lucky that where we live, it's usually pretty nice. We only get about two weeks of what I would call winter weather and have long springs and falls. After growing up in Vermont, it's just fine by me. :D
I could live with 2 weeks of winter. I could live with more heat than we're getting at the moment, my feet are freezing.
Yup, two weeks are just about perfect! I dislike being cold, so that's enough for me. I'd prefer someplace tropical but until then this will do just fine.
Maybe one day you'll get your wish =D
Who knows? I've lived long enough to never say never. :D Thanks!
Lol I dont think anyone gets used to the weather in the UK.

Great drabble.

Edited at 2016-06-22 09:56 am (UTC)
True, I've lived here all my life and I still can't get used to it.

Thank you!
The British winter which ends in July to recommence in August, as Byron said. They just have it the wrong way round. I'm sure Ianto's cofffee will warm them up soon.
Yes, and that's the world I live in, where the summers are cold and wet and the winters are freezing and wet, and we get a week of good weather in spring when no one expects it.

Ianto will be happy to go downstairs and make coffee - he needs warming up too!

Thank you!
It's quite nice up here, now, compared to that at least XD Poor guys.
It's finally got a bit warmer were I am, it was miserable with cold winds and heavy rain until the start of this week.

Thank you.

He he, British Summer is a bit of an oxymoron, and he's right, they should be used to it by now. ;)

Yeah, and I'm living it! *shivers* We had a few nice days at the start of the week, but now the rain's back and it looks bad for the rest of the month. And I have to go to the hospital in it >.<

Thank you!

I see that time also affects you and the team in turn !!
I wish I had the temperament of Ianto for that !!
today is the first day without rain since early... pfff June I think
It's been dismal weather, the wettest June for a long time, and so far July hasn't been any better. That's why I wrote these drabbles.

Thank you.