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Ianto Little Smile

October 2019



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It Happened One Day

Action Figure Theatre Master List

Action Figure Theatre Master List

Jack And Ianto's Christmas Dinner
  [G] - The boys get an unexpected dinner guest.

The Christmas Party   [G] - The boys and Nosy get together to celebrate Christmas.

Jack And Ianto's Christmas Presents   [PG] - Jack and Ianto admire their presents, Nosy has dinner.

Happy New Year From Jack And Ianto    [G] - Nosy joins in for the New Year photo.

Christmas 2013   [G] - Christmas dinner is a lavish but relaxed affair.

New Year's Eve 2013   [G] - It's the New Year's Eve party, but everyone is too tired to do more than eat. Good thing they have an excellent caterer!

Christmas Breakfast and Dinner 2014 [G]
- The boys and Nosy enjoy breakfast in the lounge before having dinner in the dining room. I'm trusting them with cutlery this year!


Looking good! :)
*bows* Thank you! I have mastered a new thingy! It works on Dreamwidth too, though the boxes are reversed - URL, then text.

When I have time to re-do my Master List into several lists (Drabbles, one-shots, Nosy-Verse), I'll be abble to add those links to the sidebar too.

I feel very accomplished =D

(Love the way Ianto's peering at my sidebar to check it out!)
LOL! Ianto's peering very intently, indeed. Well, we always knew he was quite detail-oriented. Here's one where he's less obvious about it. :-p

I like your idea of putting just one link that leads to a masterlist in the sidebar. I'm considering revamping my list now. My current format is getting a little unwieldy--I never dreamed I'd have so many drabbles when I set it up!
I thought I'd maybe manage an occasional drabble, but I have around 35 so far... o.O

My Master List only has the title with a link embedded in it. I need to add rating and summary, possibly characters too. It'll be quite a big job.