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Today Sucks!

Today officially sucks! It started off okay - I bounded out of bed bright and early (okay, so I dragged myself out of bed after nine), but I got a load of washing on because it's sunny today, then i got the washing hung out on the line, just lowered my hands from hanging the last item and the new garden incinerator mum bought a couple of days ago was right underneath. It has a sort of chimney on the top, the edge of which, I discovered, is razor sharp. It sliced into the middle finger on my right hand, the side of the first joint, and gouged out a big slice! Took ages to stop the bleeding, I've got a big plaster on now, but my entire hand is throbbing and I can't use it to do... well, anything really. I'm having to do everything left handed, which is awkward, and I won't be able to do any knitting fora while. I can't even cut a slice of bread! I'm fed up =(
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