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Ianto Little Smile

April 2018



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Drabble: A Rabbit’s Tale – Part Three


Title: A Rabbit’s Tale – Part Three

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 268 – White Rabbit at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: It’s lunchtime. Jack is not impressed.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.




Ianto sat beside Jack, setting Jack’s lunch on the couch between them and resting his own plate on his knees.


Jack eyed the carrot suspiciously.


“Now what’s wrong? I washed it thoroughly, even put it on a plate for you. Not that you bother with plates most of the time anyway.”


The rabbit looked pointedly at Ianto’s lunch.


“No way! Rabbits don’t eat pizza. You’d never digest it.” Ianto had never seen a rabbit glare. He glared back. “You’re a rabbit. The scans prove it. Eat your carrot.”


Reluctantly, Jack started gnawing the carrot, holding it still with his paw.


The End



Ianto is such a meanie! After all, Teddie likes tofu and he loves pizza!
Teddy is a cat, he can digest meat. Rabbits can't, their digestive system is completely different. Pizza while in rabbit form would probably kill Jack and who knows if he's immortal as a rabbit? Ianto would rather not take any chances.

Thank you.
Awwww... poor bunny-Jack! He must look absolutely adorable!!!! I just want to pay him and stroke him and tickle him and cuddle him and..........
Bunny Jack is considering running away from home and heading for Vegas. Buying an airline ticket is easy enough, now if he can just figure out how to call a taxi to take him to the airport...

Thank you =)
Aww Ianto needs to be nicer to jack and not tease him by eating something he can't eat in front of him.
Yeah, but then Ianto doesn't want Jack to feel left out and lonely, so he's having lunch with him. Jack's not able to do the things he usually does, so Ianto's trying to make things as normal as possible, he doesn't mean to tease Jack.

Thank you.
Maybe Ianto should put Jack on a leash...wait maybe he'd like that too much.

It is quite possible to harness a rabbit and take it for a walk though, so maybe....
Yay another installment :-)
I love rabbit Jack.
I'm sure the carrot is very nice, Ianto would only have got the very best fresh organic carrot lovingly prepared. It's just not as exciting as pizza. Ianto shouldn't eat it in front of him. Although he might be doing it as payback for what Jack has put him through by being so careless as to turn himself into the rabbit.
It's not payback and Ianto doesn't mean to tease, he just wanted to have lunch with Jack in an attempt to keep things as normal as possible. He's doing his best not to treat Jack differently just because he's a rabbit.

Thank you.
Poor bunny!Jack but also poor Ianto!, it was already difficult to deal with a human Jack .....
Thank you. Ianto's trying not to treat Jack any differently now he'a a rabbit, but he has to make changes to Jack's diet, even if Jack isn't happy about it. A rabbit's digestion is different to a human's and Ianto wants to keep Jack healthy.

Thank you.

Edited at 2013-01-12 05:28 pm (UTC)
Maybe once Jack's bunny tastebuds kick in that carrot will be more tasty. My dachshund LOVES them for some reason, goes just as nuts for them as meat. Perhaps Jack will too. :)

Hopefully Jack will adjust to his new diet - pizza would be seriously bad for his bunny tummy! It's just that he's still Jack, even though his body is that of a rabbit.

Thank you =)
I would hate to see rabbit!Jack get ahold of coffee...!

Besides, you'd think Jack wouldn't mind nibbling on things that are...carrot-shaped. *winks*
He'd probably prefer them not to be carrot flavoured though...

Ianto will do his best to keep Jack out of the coffee - and out of anything else he shouldn't get into too!
Poor Jack, Ianto should have gotten him a veggie pizza!
I think the dough and cheese might still have given Rabbit Jack some problems...

Thank you.
I don't think rabbits can have coffee, either. Jack's going to be VERY GRUMPY when he gets back to normal! *giggles*
Jack could be a very grumpy bunny, denied all the things he enjoys. Poor Jack. Ianto is just trying to keep Bunny Jack healthy!
Thats what you getting for turning yourself into a rabbit Jack! lol
Yep! When you look like a rabbit, you have to eat what a rabbit eats! Perhaps Jack will be more careful next time.

Thank you!
When in Rome Jack... heh heh, at least Jack will be healthy when he is turned back.
Ianto is determined to keep Rabbit Jack healthy - after all, there's no way of knowing if Jack is immortal as a rabbit.

Thank you!
lol lol
but how do you manage to write this kind of story so funny!
expression of Jack! phlegm and firmness of Ianto. LOL
I have a pet rabbit, I think Jack would be very much like him, lol!

Ianto is used to putting Jack in his place, it makes no difference to him that Jack is now rabbit-shaped!

Thank you!
Could have been worse, Jack - it could have been hay!
Holly and Shadow loved hay, but Misty would never eat it, he didn't think it was food...

Ianto spoils bunny-Jack rotten, but still won't give him pizza.

Thank you.