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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: Rift Rain

Title: Rift Rain

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Owen, Ianto, Jack.

Rating: PG

Written For: Challenge 408: Copper at tw100

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: It’s raining in Cardiff again, but with a difference.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

“Ow!” Owen yelped, covering his head as yet another small copper disc hit him on the head. “Fuckin’ Hell, that smarts!”

“I told you to bring your umbrella,” Ianto smirked, safely ensconced under his own, the metal ‘raindrops’ bouncing harmlessly off the taut waterproof fabric and landing on the ground with muted clinks.

Further across the Plas, Jack, also under an umbrella, was dancing about, singing ‘Pennies From Heaven’ while collecting the falling coins.

“They’re not even earth money,” Owen griped. “They’re from some planet nobody’s ever heard of. Why couldn’t we ‘ave a rain of toads like normal people?”

The End


*snickers* Poor Owen! Personally, I'd love a rain of coins, even if they were ones I couldn't spend; I collect 'em. ^.^
Owen wants money he can spend, as if he didn't get good enough wages working for Torchwood! Also, he wants the coins to stop hitting him, lol!

I have a small collection of odd coins from here and there, including a few American ones, mostly cents and quarters. Not sure where they are though, there's a blue tin box somewhere... Have you got any British ones?
Lol! At least he can be grateful that the coins are Earth-sized! I used to have a large replica of a Lincoln penny that was wider across than my hand; a coin that big might kill him!

Yeah, I have some from all over; Grandpa gave me his collection when I was a kid, and a guy Mom used to date gave me his, when he found out I was interested. And then some people in the wish-list communities here have sent me euros, which was pretty cool. It's always amazing to see how pretty other countries' currencies are; ours here are so dull by comparison.
Ouch, yes! Owen should be grateful instead of complaining!

We do have some nice coins here. It's just been announced that a new series of 50p pieces are being released over here with characters from Beatrix Potter stories on them. I'll probably keep one of each if I can get my hands on them. There are going to be 5 altogether!

Have you got any pre-decimal British coins? I still have a few, including a bunch of... I can't remember now whether they're pennies or ha'pennys. The old ones are almost worn down smooth.I have some from the early 1900s.
Oh, that sounds cool. :) Grandpa helped me with the state quarter collection when we were doing those. I love when stuff like that comes out.

I...might have? I'm not sure. Grandpa was stationed over there and in France during WWII, so I probably do; I know some of the coins I have were from his time over there. I'm pretty sure I have a ha'penny.
Wow! I know some of my relatives saw active service, but I don't know where and there's no one to ask now.

A lot of the coins were so big back then. A penny was as big as modern £2 coins are now, but you could get a lot more for a penny back then. I have a half crown somewhere, two and ac half shillings, what would be twelve and a half pence these days, but that much money was something I seldom saw as a kid, lol! Though I did once find a ten shilling note - that was real riches, not that I got to keep any of it.

Yes Owen, because being pelted by toads would be soooo much better, LOL.

He just thinks the'd be softer and less painful, but I bet being slapped with a wet toad would still hurt, and the toad wouldn't be too happy either!

Thank you!
Ick, I'd much rather coins than toads. Owen is mental.
The toads agree, they don't enjoy falling from on high! Owen just thinks toads would be less painful - maybe they would be true for him, but not for the toads.

Thank you.
Owen's never happy. Maybe if he got tads, he could kiss one and hope for a princess. If it worked, Jack would try too and Ianto could look on disapprovingly
I actually did a Torchwood frog-kissing piece for comment_fic the other week...

Did you ever read choccy_grl's 'You've Gotta Kiss A Lot Of Frogs...' fic? I love that one =)

Thank you!
they might be made of some valuable metal tho.

great drabble.
Owen hasn't thought of that. Yet!

Thank you!
hahahaha Owen cannot see the nice side of anything!
He loves to complain!

Thank you!