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March 2023



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Drabble: A Rabbit’s Tale – Part Four




Title: A Rabbit’s Tale – Part Four

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack, Tosh, Team

Rating: PG-13 for Jack acting like a rabbit.

Written For: Challenge 268 – White Rabbit at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Being a rabbit hasn’t changed Jack all that much.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.




Ianto followed the others into the conference room, sitting Jack on his chair at the head of the table before taking his usual seat to Jack’s right.


All anyone could see of Jack were the tips of his ears poking up above the table.


“Right, any progress, Tosh?”


“Some, but I need to be careful. I don’t want to turn Jack into a human with the brain of a rabbit.”


Unnoticed, Jack had hopped down under the table and was busily humping Ianto’s leg.


Ianto buried his head in his hands and groaned. “I’m not sure I’d notice any difference.”


The End



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Hehe! Poor Ianto. And his suits will be stained.
Jack will be paying for the dry cleaning, that's for sure! He might even find himself paying for a replacement suit as well ;)

Thank you!
Hee! Yeah, not much difference... LOL!
Jack is Jack, whatever physical form he might be in...

So Jack no matter what shape or form he is in!
Jack is still Jack - as if Ianto needed further proof of that!

Thank you!
Hehe, poor Ianto!
Although I'm not sure it is Jack's rabbit brain to blame for his actions. I bet he often thinks about what he'd rather be doing with Ianto when they are in boring meetings. The only difference is, he can get away with it this time! ;-)
Very true!

Ianto already knows it's still Jack inside that cute bunny, he should have anticipated something like this. He just hoped Jack would try to control hid natural urges... No such luck!
I wouldn't blame Owen if he yelled at Jack and Ianto to get a room!
Owen hasn't noticed yet - mostly because he doesn't sit with his head under the table. Besides, he figures it's safer to ignore what goes on below table level during meetings!
Kekeke, oh, you're great, that was insane!!!
Loved it!!!
Big hugs!!!
*giggles* Thank you, it was irresistible! You just know that Jack would! *hugs back*
Only Jack only Jack
Of course! There's no way Jack could resist the temptation. Meetings are boring enough when he's human-shaped - at least then he can play footsie with Ianto under the table. Being a rabbit simply meant he could take a more direct approach...
so the saying "getting at it like rabbits" was based on Jack's behaviour!
Loved it! Jack will always be a horny and sexual being, no matter what shape he has
Very true. At least now he can blame his behaviour on his rabbit instincts, lol!
Ianto should be used to this kind of behaviour from Jack, but somehow it's more humiliating when Jack is a Rabbit!

Thank you!
*gigglesnort* Knew he'd want to multiply sooner or later! ;D
Even being a rabbit doesn't put a dent in Jack's libido. He just can't help being who he is and he still finds Ianto very attractive, even if the feeling isn't exactly mutual at the moment =P
OMG!!! Too funny! The more things change....

Poor Ianto. Jack is still Jack, with even less impulse control (!), and it's a let less flattering and a lot more humiliating when you're subject to the attentions of a rabbit!
Agreed. Being hit on by a rabbit doesn't do much for a guy's ego.

Ianto remains his normal, gorgeous self though, and Jack's feelings for him haven't changed. *shrugs* What's a rabbit to do?
Ahahahaha! Oh, these got my day off to a perfect start!

Here in the States, we have a critter called a "jack rabbit"...hmmm.... *eyes Jack and his American accent suspiciously*</p>

Tell Ianto to try some sliced apples. Rabbits love them, and since Jack enjoys them even when he's human it might be some comfort.

All rabbits except mine love such things as sliced apple... =S I have the fussiest rabbit in existence. My two previous rabbits would eat anything they were given, but not Misty.

When I get around to writing these as a proper fic, Ianto will be providing a more varied diet, I promise.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed!
Sounds like Albert who was infamous to making love to every shoe that held still long enough. You know, because he was a smooth operator and our shoes were all sluts who asked for it if you believed the look on his face when you hollered at him. (not that anyone should ever have believed Albert the bunny's innocent face since he'd wear the same look after he beat up my pitbull too.)
Rabbits are masters of looking innocent while doing horrendous things! After many years of rabbit ownership, it's fun making Jack act just the way various rabbits of my aquaintance have. My current rabbit is an extremely fussy eater so I'm well used to the indignant look when I give him something new to eat. "I'm not eating that! Are you trying to kill me?"
Haha of course he had to be turned into a rabbit! Poor Ianto. But I bet Jack is wishing Ianto got turned too =P
If Ianto was a rabbit too, he'd never get any peace... Come to think of it, he won't get any peace even though he's NOT a rabbit. Rabbit Jack doesn't care, he still finds human Ianto attractive!

Thank you!
These crack me up no matter how often I read them. Sorry not to comment on each; I can't help rushing through to the next big laugh!
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them! I'm planning a longer version, once I can get around to writing it.

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