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Ianto Little Smile

August 2019



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Christmas Weevil

Drabble: Good Samaritan

Title: Good Samaritan

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Weevil, OMC.

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 409: Rough at tw100.

Spoilers: Nada.

Summary: Weevils can surprise you.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

Not all Weevils were bad; most of them were happy to remain in the sewers, enjoying the bounty they found there. Occasionally a few would come to the surface and cause trouble, usually males battling over territory, and once in a while one would go rogue, attacking people, but usually they were unobtrusive.

Sometimes though, Weevils did surprising things.

Ianto had followed the one he’d seen lurking outside the tourist office to the docks, where it led him to a scared teenager, badly injured and having a rough time.

“You’ll be okay now,” Ianto reassured him, phoning for an ambulance.

The End


Wow so Weevil aren't all bad. some have good hearts.

great drabble
Perhaps they protect the street people because they sense kindred spirits.

Thank you!
Good and bad in all. never did explain what weevils really are and where they came from
A lot of things never got explained on Torchwood. Maybe they were slaves who escaped into Cardiff's sewers when the slavers' ship crashed...

Thank you!

Weevils were just there for Jack and Owen to have a face-off with through the glass wall.
They did serve a purpose occasionally. I loved the scene where Ianto had Janet on a chain, which one was that, the first one about the Pharm with those giant mosquito things I think.

Thank you!

My memory is a little blurly but I do remember the one with the cage fighting which showed the mistreatment of weevils.

I wonder why they were called that on the show?. I always think of the insects that sneak into food packets and spoil the content.
I do remember that one was called 'Combat'. I haven't watched Torchwood in so long, my perceptions have probably been skewed by reading fanfic o_O

I always think of Vine Weevils, which have decimated the plants in my garden ever since I bought an infected plant. The grubs eat the roots of plants, and they're near impossible to get rid of. I used to grow and sell plants, but I couldn't after they got in because I'd be spreading the menaces further =(

I couldn't be bothered to Google search. I knew it was a one word title.:)

It was a "Owencentric" episode.

I have the same issue with my leafy plants and tomatoes in my backyard. I just don't know what insect it is.*looks at snail suspiciously*
Snails and slugs can get into surprising places.

I'm disappointed with the tomato plants I bought, despite feeding them the leaves are yellow. the two I was given are lovely and green. Maybe I'll grow mine from seed next year the way I used to.

The only way to know if you have Weevils is to dig the plant up and look at the roots. The grubs are like white maggots and they eat away the roots until the plant just can't get enough water and nutrients from the soil. If it's the leaves that are getting eaten it's most likely slugs and snails. They can climb really high.

Thanks for the info. It is the leaves.*continues to look at snail that is trying to climb my cats bowl*
Snails are menaces. I've seen them 15ft or more up my house walls, and the walls aren't smooth or easy to climb. Nothing deters a determined snail or slug =/
My mum uses salt to deal with snails. I just use a stick to push them away. They always come back.
And obviously the Weevil already knew who to get because Ianto knows everything!
It knew Torchwood would help, because they always do, and Ianto was the easiest to find.They know where he lurks ;)

Thank you!