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Drabble: Snowfall


Title: Snowfall

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto, Jack

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 270 – Snowflake at tw100

Spoilers: None.

Summary: It’s been snowing and Jack is eager to play in it…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

A/N: Inspired by the snow on our roof.




When the first snowflake fell, Jack had been as excited as a child. He’d never seen snow until he first came to earth on Time Agency business, and he never tired of it.


Until now.


“Jack…” Ianto shouted as Jack bounded out of the house, eager to play in the snow that had fallen overnight.


Jack slammed the door behind him. “What?”


Ianto winced as all the snow cascaded off the roof in a miniature avalanche, right on top of Jack. He stood there, half buried in snow, looking like a poor attempt at a snowman.


“Don’t slam the door.”


The End

Tags: drabble, fic, fic: g, humour, ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, torchwood fic, tw100

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