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Ianto Little Smile

July 2019



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Drabble: On Repeat


Title: On Repeat

Author: badly_knitted

Characters: Ianto

Rating: G

Written For: Challenge 271 – Groundhog Day at tw100

Spoilers: Cyberwoman?

Summary: Ianto’s life is stuck on repeat…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters

A/N: Not sure this fits the prompt terribly well, and I apologize for it being so depressing and fluffless.




Alarm goes off, waking him. 6.30am precisely.


Turn it off, get up, shower, shave, dress for work…


Halfway through dressing he remembers. No work today. No work for the next four weeks. Lisa is gone.


He undresses, puts clothes away neatly and crawls back into bed, pulling the covers over his head.



Alarm goes off, waking him. 6.30am precisely.


Turn it off, get up, shower, shave, dress for work… Then remembers and crawls back into bed.



Alarm goes off, waking him. 6.30am precisely.


Turns it off, gets up, showers, shaves, starts to dress…




Sits on the bed and cries.


The End (or just the beginning…)



Poor Ianto. If you send him to my house, I will take good care of him.
He needs lots of cuddles. Maybe we could share the responsibility ;)

Thank you. I don't quite know where all the gloom came from. Maybe my winter blues are starting to affect my writing.
*hugs Ianto*
Thank you. He needs a lot of hugs to get through his suspension.
No apologies needed , very well done. Heart felt.
Thank you. I made myself feel really gloomy writing it.
Oh man, that's brutal--but very realistic too. I'm not sure why he keeps setting the alarm, but then again Ianto seems like a creature of habit and probably doesn't even realize he's doing it. I bet even without it he'd wake up at the same time, ready for the day, and then remember. :(

I've been in that situation where for a just a few blessed seconds you forget whatever terrible weight you're carrying only to have it come crashing down on you, so I really feel for Ianto here.

Maybe this is where Jack comes to call with food, DVDs, and a pep talk? :D
Thank you.

Yeah, I figure the alarm is set for 6.30 and he just automatically turns it on each night. Habits become so ingrained, we don't even notice we're doing something. The times I have to go back and check because I don't remember turning something off....

Jack will arrive soon to check on Ianto, he'll be okay eventually, it's just hard because everytime he remembers the grief hits him all over again. I think it said on the show that it had been 7 months since Canary Wharf, or since Ianto joined Torchwood Three, so every day for at least 7 months his routine has been the same. It's kept him going but now he doesn't even have that to get him through the day. *pets Ianto and wraps him in a snuggly blanket*
Poor Ianto. Sometimes waking up and remembering is just hell.
Thank you. Yes, it is. It seemed to fit Ianto though, he'd developed a routine that allowed him to get through each day of caring for Lisa while hiding her from the team and the routine had become so automatic he couldn't escape it.
so sad but beautifully expressed!
Thank you. I made myself feel very sad writing it. I just couldn't come up with anything fluffy or happy. Maybe this week....
Cuddles poor Ianto.
Thank you, he needs all the cuddles he can get!
poor baby....
Yeah, poor Ianto. That was a really bad time for him.

Thank you!
poor Ianto
but where is Jack? he must comfort him!
Poor Ianto indeed! He needs help to escape from the horrible trap he's stuck in. I'm sure Jack will show up soon to check on him, then Ianto will start to feel better.

Thank you.
Just beautiful, really evocotive and image provoking.
Thank you. I feel bad for putting Ianto through that though!
Oops sorry - I did read this last week but I didn't comment. :-(

I love it. It is so sad, so hopeless. Poor ianto. *hugs him*

I like the way you used the repetition. Very effective.
Than you. I really hated doing that to Ianto, I'd wanted to do something light-hearted and fluffy, but this happened instead. Guess I wasn't feeling light and fluffy enough to beat the winter glooms.

Ianto's doing much better these days. He has Jack, his team mates/friends and a whole bunch of bizarre but affectionate pets (including the recent addition of a tentacled something.) He doesn't feel alone and lost anymore.
Good Wow? Bad Wow? Sad Wow?

Thank you.
Poor Ianto, I do feel for him.
So do I. The first few days of his suspension must have felt like a nightmare he couldn't wake from.

Thank you.
Ianto needs comfort and someone to help get him through his grief.
He does. I'm sure Jack will visit soon, though he might not be entirely welcome at first.

Thank you.
the whole truth in a few sentences. Poor Ianto.
I wish I could comfort him, but fortunately, Jack will soon arrive.
Thank you.

Yes, Jack will help Ianto through his grief and show him there is still much to live for. Ianto is having a very difficult time, but it will get easier.