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Fic Of The Week - Week Fifty Nine

Another cold Monday - there's even snow again! Hope everyone is staying warm and cosy.

It's Valentine's week, so I thought I'd pick something appropriate - Valentine's Day by madder_rose .

It's a short one - only 5 chapters - so it should fit in easily around everyone's Valentine celebrations (for those who celebrate). Slightly newer fic than usual (Feb 2010), and there's no summary so I'll post the author's note instead.

Author's Note: Fic written for sarahjane6 who donated to help_haiti. Abridged version: Sarahjane6 wanted a h/c story, where the team sees them as committed to each other. There were some things I didn't quite get into this story, but maybe there will be more later. It's a bit lighthearted, but with a serious undercurrent. It was supposed to be done for Valentine's Day, but in the spirit of general Bah Humbug, I post a day late ;)

It's rated R for the first four parts due to swearing, and NC-17 for the last part - due to Jack and Ianto ;)

Chapter 1 is here   

Chapters are linked.

Hope everyone has a happy Valentine's week, despite the less than appealing weather in many places.

Happy reading, everybody!

Tags: fic of the week, fic rec, reading

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